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The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is a modernized adaptation of the classic Jane Austen novel, Pride and Prejudice. The series is developed by Hank Green and Bernie Su.
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Lizzie Bennet - Ashley Clements -
William Darcy - Daniel Vincent Gordh -

Executive Producer - Hank Green -
Executive Producer - Bernie Su -
Producer - Jenni Powell -
Co-Executive Producer - Margaret Dunlap -
Co-Producer - Rachel Kiley -
Consulting Proucder - Kate Rorick -
Director - Bernie Su -
Writer - Kate Rorick -
Transmedia Producer - Jay Bushman -
Transmedia Editor - Alexandra Edwards -
Cinematography - Cody Bonsignore -
Editor - Sam Mollo -
Production Designer - Katie Moest -
Makeup - Jennifer Jackson
Script Supervisor - Christine Linnell -
Set Dresser - Kim Brunner -
Production Assistant - Jeff Cox
Intro Music and Graphics - Michael Aranda -
Darcy: So it's for school.

Lizzie: Exactly.

Darcy: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember you graduating.
I was there. There were caps and gowns and tassels.

Lizzie: Yes, but this a favor for Dr. Gardiner and her Hyper-Mediation in New Media Seminar. She wrote out all the questions we would only answer the ones you want to.

Darcy: Okay

Lizzie: Okay? That's it?

Darcy: Lizzie I'm not afraid to talk about our relationship on camera. I'm proud of it. Besides, without Dr. Gardiner, we might not have overcome our differences and gotten together.

Lizzie: Well, in that case... My name is Lizzie Bennet, this is William Darcy, and now we will answer some of your non-academic questions. (Laughing) I am still so bad at intros!

Darcy: You're just out of practice.


Lizzie: So here's one with some actual business relevance.
What is it like being in a relationship with another CEO. How do you balance work life and home life? Do you wanna take this one?

Darcy: Carefully. Our businesses are different. Uh, Pemberley is based more on app development, and Lizzie's company is focused on finding and fostering new online talent. But personally, having someone in my life who understands the nuances of this industry makes it easier to communicate with each other.

Lizzie: And since communication was one of the... stumbling blocks of the beginning of our relationship. It's nice to be able to understand each other now.

Darcy: But honestly, by the end of the day you don't want to talk about work. You just want to be together.

Lizzie: What's up with Domino and Gigi?

Darcy: Well, beta testing in the town of Sanditon went extremely well. It, um, helped identify some... A.I. issues. And we are gearing up for a national launch.

Lizzie: And Gigi's doing really well. The town of Sanditon is adorable. We visited her there a couple times. And Gigi's really happy there.

Lizzie: Does Darcy still wear the Bow tie and News boy cap?

Darcy: Not that often.

Lizzie: *mouths* Yes.

Darcy: That one.

Lizzie: Really? Okay. Did Darcy ever take you to the theater?

Darcy: Yes.

Lizzie: This is the question I've gotten most hands down.
What specifically was in Darcy's letter?

Darcy: I don't remember. Well obviously the contents were divulged in your videos but I can't recall my phrasing or specific wording. I simply remember being quite angry when I started the letter determined to hate you.

Lizzie: And when you got to the end?

Darcy: I found I simply couldn't. Besides Lizzie destroyed the letter when she was done with it, so I suppose we will never know.
You did get rid of it, didn't you? I remember asking you to do so in the letter.

Lizzie: Oh, you remember that. Um, I couldn't destroy the letter, so I kept it in my diary. I re-read that letter so many times when I was changing my mind about you... I guess I just knew it was too important.

Darcy: Well, I suppose I can't fault you for that.

Lizzie: Okay, last question. Looking back on how the videos impacted your lives, would you have done anything differently?

Darcy: Such as...?

Lizzie: Well, Maybe you could have Googled me, and found out about my videos a lot earlier

Darcy: Well, that would have been illumin- revealing.

Lizzie: And maybe I could have been a little less judgmental of everyone?

Darcy: Maybe, but in all honesty, I believe events unfolded as they should have, because all the strife and uncertainty and introspection of that year, led us to this one. And the next, and the next...

Lizzie: And the next. Okay. Uh, that's all the cards, so, uh, I hope that you are learning something in Dr. Gardiner's class, and that you learned something from us here today. Although I can't imagine what.  Maybe that life after grad school can be pretty good.

Darcy: I would go as far as to say pretty incredible.

Lizzie: So, we will...

Darcy: See you around?

Lizzie: See you around.