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Today's Episode: Tell a Story Day
Hey Nerdfighters! The DFTBA Warehouse is back! Join us every business day in April for a behind the scenes look at the warehouse and a look at some new products!


How It Should Have Ended Merch:

Sl1pg8r Merch:

May the Stuff 'n Things Shirt Pre-Order:
Matthew: Hey there guys, I am Matthew Gaydos, and welcome to the warehouse, the weekly show where we share the DFTBA warehouse with you. And now it's time for new merch news.

Rachel: Matt?

M: Oh hey guys.

R: What are you guys- what- what are you doing here?

M: I'm making the warehouse.

Caenaan: You don't work here anymore Matt.

R: Yeah.

M: What?

R: Plus, this is how you do it. Hey guys, it's Wednesday, April 27th and another day of VEBDA.

M: Alright, now it's really time for new merch news, now that those guys are gone, so first up is How it Should Have Ended and we have three new t-shirts up for pre-order right now on the website. First is the tank missile shirt, second the captain ball shirt, and then we also have this brand new super cafe shirt up for pre-order.

M: Next up we've got some brand new shirts from Sl1pg8r, including these two brand new logo shirts up for pre-order right now on the website, as well as this Ace It Can't be Stopped shirt. And then there's the May the Stuff and Things be With You shirt which is up right now pre-order and it's only available until May 2nd-


M: So go get it now.

R: Sso it's also national tell a story day, but before that we want to catch up with Matt. What you been up to since we left DFTBA?

M: I am the director and editor of three different Youtube channels: Animal Wonders, Sexplanations and the Financial Diet. So go watch those.

C: Ssince it is national tells story day, Matt can you tell us a story about filming the warehouse?

M: Probably my favorite time filming the warehouse was when we did the Halloween episodes. One, I was here all alone at like ten o'clock at night, dressed as a clown laughing maniacally, hoping no one would show up for some reason, cuz they'd probably think I was just a weird murdered den. And then, the other one we did with Stefan Chin and Michael Aranda where Michael became a zombie, we had special effects makeup, and there was blood, and just for a show about merchandise, it was definitely not a show about merchandise that week.

R: Became so much more.

M: We became so much more.

R: That's it for today guys.

M: If you have any questions, or if you want to tell us a story, do that down in the comments below, and as always the links to every
pre-order we talked about will be down in the flap.

R: Hope to see tomorrow and-

Both: Don't forget to be awesome.

M: Before I go, one last thing.

C: Why didn't he just use the big door?

R: I don't know.