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00:00 - We're LIVE!

00:32 - We have a poster from the food episode!

00:40 - We have a subreddit now!

02:32 - Maxine McCurdy - Do antibacterial hand soaps and sanitizers make your body less able to fight infections?

04:32 - Deborah Piens - I quit smoking 8/17/14 (Yay me). At what point do I get to call myself a non-smoker? Or will I always be a "former smoker"?

05:46 - Alex Shannon - Is there any good evidence that says that aspartame can affect hormone levels and blood-sugar? PS, you didn't address that question in the HCT episode about artificial sweetners

07:54 - John Harvey - What does the current research say about secondhand smoke? I've heard everything from "barely harmful at all" to "worse than smoking itself".

09:07 - Lisa Jones - Is coconut water as good as, or better than, water for recovering after athletic pursuits?

11:51 - Jay Fensom - CIRCUMCISION! Should it be done according to the research is it more healthy to be circumcised even when considering all of the complications. And what about female circumcision as well?

14:37 - Emily Barbian - About 2/3 of people who lose weight gain it all back over time. How can I prevent that?

16:55 - Mncdk - Is it ever too late to get vaccines, for instance MMR?

18:29 - nkicker - Does Vermont's trouble with adopting single payer universal healthcare for its residents spell doom for others states wanting to do the same thing?

21:01 - Thomas Beard - Oklahoma just passed a law requiring children under 2 years old be rear facing in car seats. Does this reflect evidence-based best practices?

24:29 - Sam Khan What is the best evidence on the long-term health effects of working night shifts (specifically among healthcare providers)?

25:09 - marztha - In people who've previously been diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency, what's the best way to prevent a relapse? Do store supplements work? Any foods to focus on eating? How much sun should someone try to get?

26:00 - okapian - Are there any long-term effects of quarterly whole blood donations? My parents are concerned and want me to stop donating, even though I have no major health issues.

26:30 - Zzyzx - Are there any health benefits for intermittent fasting? Any harms?

27:03 - M. Avery - Are the protective qualities of obesity a myth? I've seen some reporting that says overweight/obese people are more likely to survive stroke and heartattack.

27:56 - Jenna Van Sickle - Is there a rise in autoimmune diseases recently? If so, is there research that indicates why? Are there any lifestyle changes that help? Can we prevent kids from getting autoimmune diseases?

28:21 - Dom Thorrington Within the healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical and public health sector, which is the job you'd prefer to do if you weren't a Research Fellow/Paediatrician/YouTuber?
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