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This week's questions:
2:53 Are there any studies on taking sleep inducing products like Melatonin or ZZZquyl? Long term hazards?
4:43 Everyone is getting nutritionists/naturopaths food sensitivity tests. Is it evidence-based, an overextended health claim, or totally bogus?
6:22 How much weight should we give to the studies about brain mapping?
8:51 What can you tell me about treating ADHD in adults? What worked for me as a kid doesn't seem to help as much as it used to now that I'm older.
10:48 How would you recommend bringing up/pointing out fat shaming to a doctor who repeatedly deflects my Q's and discussion of a chronic medical issue to talk about my weight, despite being unrelated?
13:32 My one year old isn't babbling yet. When I told the doctor he told me babies sometimes don't talk till 2-3. Is that also with babbling?
15:42 What are the chances of passing IBD to your child if one parent has Chron's? Should you worry about this, the meds are not cheap!
17:47 I was recently bit by a venomous spider and I went to urgent care and got treated. Then I went to my GP a few days later, but I was told it was just my anxiety acting up (diagnosed GAD). Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening?
20:20 I live in Canada, where some provinces have stopped paying doctors for performing annual physical exams. The evidence seems to be point out that annual physicals do not affect morbidity or mortality.
23:26 How much damage is typically done if the brain is cut off from oxygen for less than a minute?
24:40 I've heard lots of talk about "oil pulling" or oil gargling as a way of whitening teeth or maintaining dental hygeine. Is there any scientific basis for this?
25:16 Can please you tell me more about amputees' phantom pain? How bad is it generally? How often does it occur?
27:39 How does Aaron feel about the longevity movement. Luigi fontana has fascinating work on calorie restriction. We also have aubrey de grey doing work to "fix the problems" with molecular approaches.
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