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This week's questions:
2:06 Are kids with type 3 supracondylar fractures at an increased risk of elbow issues later in life (arthritis, ulnar nerve compression, etc)? If so, can they do anything preventative to mitigate it?
2:57 What can explain the recent skyrocketing cost of an epiPen? What can we do as patients who need this med and can't afford the $600?
8:47 How do drugs like Saxenda work for those who are insulin resistant but not yet diabetic?
9:10 Any new research or information on ssri's/snri's?
9:36 What would you do to improve mental health care? Should we all be screened for anxiety/depression etc?
12:26 Is fructose like really bad for health? Lots of em in soft drinks and juices right?
13:57 Any research about thermodynamic calorie burning (e.g. weight loss through cold exposure)? Presume not, but if not, why wouldn't it work (as it makes perfect sense from a purely chemical perspective)?
16:35 Are there any scientifically proven factors which increase the risk of appendicitis?
17:48 I saw the video on milk however when I tell my parents they say it's for the calcium... So is that a sound rebuttal? Especially for kids and the elderly
20:21 I'm an educator, and the new en vogue research is the Adverse Childhood Experiences Survey (ACEs). How legitimate is this study and has it been backed up by other studies?
21:54 For those allergic to eggs, what are the vaccine options? (I promise I'll ask my doc next week.)
22:28 You said that an hour of exercise isn't enough to impact weight loss greatly. So, what type of lifestyle changes would you recommend to someone looking to lose weight?
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