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In which hilarity ensues on the set of Crash Course World History.

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Hi, I'm John Green, this is dammit.

Hi, I'm John Green, this is Crash Course World History, nope.

Hi, my name's John Green, this is Crash Course World History, no.

Hi, my name is John Green, let's do that again.

Oh, bad kick.

Wait for it... the Mongols! How did that look? I know it sounded bad.

Ahhh, now I gotta do that better.

He mapped the coast of... Australia, paving the way for British... I just nailed it! I hit it so well that I didn't know what to do.

The French were also... The French were also fighting the British... And the French were also fighting the... ahhh.

We're living... we're... ow!

Senegal, right? Yeah, it's Senegal.

And the French were also fighting the British... ahhh. And the French are also fighting the... dang it.

Is it... I don't know what India looks like.

Plus, leaders kept dying. Huayna Capac... is that right? [from back] Mm-hmm. [John] It sounds wrong.

the oprichniki. Oprichniki? [bleep]

What's her name? Connaroni? Codarani?

Jung Ha.

I don't know if that's right.

And the French were also fighting the British in... nope. And the French were also fighting the British i... ahhh.

administrative tasks like sensing... what are the administrative tasks?


The monsoon... marketplace! God!

It's a complicated maneuver... very artful... there we go.

Well, that didn't go well.


They'd be like... Sorry, I laughed at my own joke.

Which makes sense, since they were Mongols... No, "since they were"... [laughs]

This... this way?

Mister... [laughs]

Is this one of...

And the French were also fighting the British... mmm.

Christopher Columbus and I forgot the other one.

fear of being... robbed! So close!

Since Columbus, the number of ant in...

And both, using stern post rudders, were easier to steer so that technology quickly spread throughout the hemisphere. Sorry, that's why I didn't want to say it, because it rhymes.

I don't know what else I'm gonna say.


Stan, can't get your helicopter to fly?

Oh god.

[blows party blower]

I tell... I'm telling you, I think I broke it... whoa!

Where's the water? I need water.

Grizzlor! Grizzlor!

Oh, a helicopter! Like Leonardo's... oh, and it works just as well as Leonardo's did.

with... f nugget.

Bold... Aaah. [gibberish]

a little more comp... [gibberish]

which was especially... ahhh...

Let me do that again without my voice cracking.

climatic traditions... [laughing] traditions.

functioning, intelligent... Aaah, I don't even know what I'm saying.

Uhh... what am I saying?

Consistently diminished? What am I saying there?

Ahhh... what am I saying?

Ah f it.

F nugget.


So once the Portuguese...

Did it come in before the plane?

And in a town... come on.


It's back.

Let's see what's in the open com... [laughs]

How did it look?

[blows party blower]

All right... whoa!

Oh god, that was awful. I'm still angry. I blame you, Stan. [laughing from back] I know I suggested it! But you didn't say no strongly enough.

Grizzlor's only dance is the robot.

I'm not this bad when y'all aren't here, I promise.

[from back] Don't break my chair!

I went in too far. [from back] No, I liked it. [John] I was perfect. All right.

Crash Course produced... whoa!

interned by Meredith... [bleep]

Thanks for watching Crash Course... you want me to move up a little?

15th censually...

[laughing] Perfect.