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Good morning John. It's Wednesday September 24th and I think I owe everyone an explanation.


So back, you know, ages ago, I had this idea that we would do this project in which we would punish ourselves in return for donations to Barack Obama's campaign. That was a good idea, it was not an achievable idea. There was never any way we could give the Nerdfighters, and EcoGeek and Paper Towns the attention that all of those things needed and do this new project at the same time. So we ended up not doing that. I guess what I'm trying to say is that there are some things that you can only say by referencing obscure, absurd 10 year old viral videos like this one.

"One Obama, two Obama, tree Obama, four Obama
Hot Obama, vote Barack Obama, wish him luck.
Hang with Ludacris Obama, Jewish yarmulke Obama
He'll be our next President, Obama, llama, duck.

We're tired of our President, everyone hates him.
He put us in sour fruit and Cheney shot his friend.
But now that guy is leaving town and life will have less suck.
Time for him to retire now, and become a duck.

Did you ever see Obama, kiss Obama on Obama.
Mama of Obama, wish Barack Obama luck.
Power man of steel Obama, young Obama, hip Obama,
Fun time at the beach, Barack Obama, llama, duck.

I'm scared of Republicans, they say they want change,
But then they want to stay the same and then it hurts my brain.
I'll crash into a voting booth and proudly proclaim.
I will not go left or right, I will vote for change."

The internet is so weird. I actually found the guy who wrote the original Llama Song, if you know what I'm talking about I like you, if you don't, Google Llama Song and you will discover it, click on the top one. This happened when I was in college and I was like "HA!" and I watched The Llama Song like 400 times and then I was singing The Llama Song to myself the other day and I was like "Did you ever see a llama, kiss a llama on a..." Hmm.

I would very much like to thank the original creator of the Obama song who I was able to contact and ask his permission to do that and he said "as long as it is pro-Obama, please do it." He is British.

I was in Canada the other day and everyone I talked to was like "Can Obama be our Prime Minister as well as your President? Is that something we can work out?" and I was like "NO! He's ours! humph." I'll put an MP3 in the sidebar if you want to download that song. "Song". But it's really not very good without the pictures, you've got to have the pictures.

So John and I are working on the Paper Towns tour dates and it's almost, almost, almost finished. Thank God! I am extraordinarily excited about the release of Paper Towns. So very soon at and there will be a tour list and you will be able to go and RSVP for those events and that would be really awesome if you could RSVP for those events. But we don't even need to talk about that right now because it's not actually up yet so, why am I talking about it?

If you don't know what I'm talking about at all, I'm Hank and my brother is John and he writes books, and his new book is coming out really soon. And if you're watching this and you're enjoying it then that probably means that you are a Nerdfighter. A Nerdfighter is a person who instead of being made out of bones and organs and stuff, is actually made out of awesome. I think you're pretty much caught up now. DFTBA.

And if you want to make my brother John a really, really, really happy person, and also read a really, really, really good book. You should go buy Paper Towns. It's not actually out yet but you can pre-order it right now. There is a link in the sidebar to do that as well. Surprise, surprise, if you do buy Paper Towns, I will give you a high five! Right now that's all I've got to offer.

Anyway, John and I are very much still paying lots and lots of attention to the Presidential campaigns. And John and I are actually both participating in a project called "YA for Obama". and there's a bunch of authors who write for younger people and, you know, everyone else. Writing about why they care and why they are voting for Barack Obama. People included are like John, Maureen Johnson, Judy Bloom, Judy freaking Bloom! Libba Bray, Cory Doctorow. I love Cory Doctorow. John actually had the first essay that went live on the site and it's really awesome. If you go and read that essay you will see a whole new side of John that he never really discusses here on YouTube. You should check it out. And there is a link as you may have guessed to that in the sidebar as well.

Question of the day. What is your favorite viral video? I think mine is probably "All your base are belong to us" And for those of you who are too old or too young to know what "All your base are belong to us" is just Google that. So that's my favorite viral video, what's your favorite viral video?