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Oculus Rift DK2, SightLine The Chair: Today Hank Green plays an amazing Oculus Rift DK2 game! This one blew him away!
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Game Played:
Hank Green: No.  Nooooooo-ahhahhhhh-haha.  Holy shark!

Hi.  Welcome to Games with Hank, I'm Hank, uh, today we're going to be playing SightLine: The Chair, which I know nothing about, I downloaded it, 'cause you told me to, I'm going to put this on and do it, whatever it is.  I can't even tell you, 'cause nobody told me.  

Things are happening--ohhh!  Hey!  It's the desk again.  I recognize you.  Oh!  Jeff!  Hi, Jeff!

No, it wasn't!  Oh!

Donuts!  Apples!  Donuts!  Apples!  Donuts!  Apples!  What's happening?  I want donuts!  Thank you.  No.  Who wants fruit?  Donuts!  Oh!  Oh.  I wanna pick things up.  Bowling pin.  This is a tiny bowling pin, by the way.  What kind of bowling alley--can I affect--oh!  They're picking--the glasses are moving.  They're getting bigger, they're very big.  Those are big glasses.  

Oh, whoa, ooh!  They got laser beams.  Laser beam glasses, sugar cubes, oh!  I don't have a head!  I don't have a head!  Ooh, that's pretty.  Oh, I feel like I'm at Disneyland, man.  Whoa.  This is a Disney experience.  Oh, hello, we're not there anymore.  Now we're in a nice sugar cube field.  With grasses.  I feel like I'm underwater.  No, butterflies don't live underwater.  Oh.  I'm on a cliff ohhh.  I still don't have a head--that's just--oh!  Wait a second, was that there before?  I'm confused.  

Oh, new tree.  Got a whole bunch of new trees.  Hey, hey, trees, wow, things just keep, whoa, whoa, jutter. Did I get out of the--whoa, lots of new trees.  Just keep being more trees.  Oh, new flowers.  Oh, birdies.  See, now this is a game I can get behind.  Surprises without screaming desiccated dead children!  Yes!  Oh, uh-oh, is time passing and everything's being cut-down in exchange for the city?  It's time for the city?  Oh, this is freaking cool!  Oh!  Oh!  I'm in the freaking Matrix, man!  Still just sitting in a chair, with no head.  There's like a hole where my blood should be coming out.  In the rain.  

AHH!  Why are you crashing--why are there cones?  What the--?  I don't understand where the cones--and there's nobody in the car, it's on fire, I want to move away, it seems dangerous.  Hello, lamp, hello, that was the scariest lamp I've ever experienced.  It doesn't happen while you're watching, you have to look away, and then it's--wow, that's so cool.  Thanks for building me a nice house so I don't have to get wet!  Ohh, and giving me a frickin' pig!  And a bunch of other things, some fishes, oh!  Brick spheres, ahhh, brick spheres everywhere!  Brick spheres!  Brickety spheres!  Nope, no brick cubes.  Just--nope, just me with my lamp.  Just me and my lamp.  And that one brick cube.  

Oh, the room is getting smaller, the room is getting--this is worrying.  Okay, that's close.  Oh, goodness gracious.  I don't--okay.  That's gonna be close, too, huh?  Yup.  Okay.  It's a little room.  Aah!  There's no doors.  It's like my room with duck.  Just no doors, except that this room is smaller than the room me and duck had.  Huh.  The ominous music.  All good.  

We're in the--whoooooaaaaa.  Oh.  Oh.  Oh, why is that hot?  Ooh!  The asteroids are exploding.  Oh, man, I'm in Gravity.  I'm in the movie Gravity, it's happening, Sandra Bullock, are you giving me a call on my phone?  Is that a book?  It's a book.  Yeah, I said Sandra Bullock, you heard Sandra Book.  Oh, no, apparently, it's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  Did the Earth get exploded?  No, it's right there, I can see it.  It's a lot of, it's a very great density of space debris right now.  And why are they just occasionally exploding?  That's unusual.  What's that?  Oh, it's my lamp.  My lamp is still back there. Oh, and a giant glass of wine!  Don't explode.  Uh-oh.  Is that Gorignak from Galaxy Quest happening right in front of me?  If you explode, it's gonna be bad.  My lamp!  I love this game so much!  Wait, do I get to choose?  I choose what rocks heat up.  This big one. I'm gonna make the big one explode.  Dude!  This is fun!  I had no idea that I was controlling which rocks blew up.  

Oh.  Oh.  Oooh whoa, whoa, I'm in the intro sequence to Spiderman.  Or no, am I inside of some kind of biological system?  I am literally, like, binding myself together, because I don't wanna touch these things.  Apparently, I can put my head right through it, though.  Don't worry, they don't hurt, they're little neutrinos, they don't affect--whoaaa!  Babylon 5 up in here!  Okay!  What's happenin'?  Do I have a head?  No.  I still don't have a head, just in case you were wondering.  I've been trapped.  Woop.  Woop.  Woop.  Let me go.  Okay, I'm free?  

Oh!  Ooooooh.  Ooh.  I love this!  It's neat!  Hello?  Human?  Oh, sorry.  I hear humans, hello?  Where are you, humans?  I hear you.  Ahhhh.  Ooohhhhh, nooo.  No.  Nooooooaaaaaahhhhhahaha.  Holy shark!  Oh my goodness.  Five stars.  Ahh, okay.  What do you want?  What do you want from me, I'll give it to you, wow.  

That was awesome, I especially liked the exploding asteroids part of the game where you got to--this is the problem.  Cords!  Cords!  That was awesome, that was awesome!  Thank you for suggesting that game to me, I'm Hank, DFTBA.