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Get a sneak peek at a special video we would usually only share with our patrons on Patreon for our Stuff Your Face perk level. In the video Huckleberry gets a pumpkin and is ridiculously cute with it.

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*Intro music*
Hello and welcome back to Animal Wonders. I'm Jesse and this is Lollipop the skunk who's just the best snuggler.
I've been thinking a lot recently about how challenging this year's been and how it makes me so grateful to have this space to connect with you.

I feel pretty lucky to be able to spend my days with the hundred-plus animals that live at animal wonders and getting to share what makes the animals so special is just the best so I'd like to thank the people who make these videos possible: our patrons on Patreon.
You all have been wonderful throughout the years and this year you've been so supportive especially during a year when a pandemic makes animal care quite a bit more challenging. As a way to show our gratitude for your support, I'd like to share a super cute video with you today. This is a video that's normally posted only to our 'stuff your face' level patrons but it's so cute that I wanted to share it with everyone. 'Stuff your face' videos are fun behind the scenes moments of the animals eating, being cute and having the time of their lives. Please enjoy this sneak peek of Huckleberry the beaver versus a pumpkin. 

*Jesse speaking to Huckleberry*:

I got something for you!
Come look at it.
You see it?
Not me, look at that!
Look at that!
What is that?
*Huckleberry noises*
Hahahahaha you got the lid.
Taking it in!
Oh, buddy are you gonna come get some more?

*Huckleberry noises*

What you think?
I don't have it it's over there
Hi! Hey!

*Huckleberry noises*

Should we go get the pumpkin?
Let's go get it!
Yeah, there it is.
Oh, it's over here
There you go!
Ha, it is so big huh?
Wow, you're so strong! hahahaha 
Oh gosh hahahahaha 
He's carrying it now
Oh man Huckleberry you're the best
Your pool is still filling bud 
Are you gonna put it in the fresh clean water?
Oh haha, hahaha
Now what?
Are you gonna make pumpkin water now?

*Huckleberry eating noises*

Wow, good work

*Huckleberry eating noises*

You're gonna have to share you can't eat that whole pumpkin on your own. You'll have pumpkin poop.

*Huckleberry eating noises*

Oh my gosh, isn't Huckleberry the best! These special moments with the animals are what keep me going through all the challenges. If you enjoyed that video you can get more behind-the-scenes videos just like that every month by joining our community at We also offer a lot of other fun perks like getting to vote on the names of new animals, getting cute photos or drawings of the animals and even having your name listed in the credits of videos like this one.
We couldn't make these videos without our patrons so here's a huge thank you to all of you for making this channel and our community possible! We're so grateful for your support, especially in these challenging times!
Thanks for watching and if you'd like to go on adventures with us every week subscribe to our channel 'animalwondersmontana' and I'll see you soon! Bye!
*Outro music*