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A collection of funny moments from Hank & Katherine & Michael play Super Mario Bros Wii.

Edited by Made of Awesome Kerri, Check her out! Hankgames Highlights are compiled by Kerri - if you have a highlight you'd like to see, let us know in the comments!
(Intro - I'm so bad at game!)

Katherine: I gotta do a thing you guys!
Hank: You do, you do, gotta do it, you gotta do it, do it, do it, gotta do it, gotta do it, gotta do it, you can do it this time, go, go, now, now, go, go, now, now, and jump, jump, yeah baby, yeah.

H: Umbah, umbah, umbah, umbah.
K: Dooga dooga dagga doo. Dundundundundur. Dodundur nananow. Nownownow nownownownownow. Nananownownownow No-no-no!

K: Bananas!
Michael: Oh.
H: Oh! Too many people! Too many people!
M: Oh!
H: Ah! (Laughing) Mari... Wait, no, go! God darn! Oh! Agh! Sorry!

M: I'm big!
K: Nanana comcomcome.
H: I'm big! I'm a big mushroom! I'm a big, little mushroom that's named after a reptile for no apparent reason.

M: Where do I go from here?
K: I don't know, jump?
H: Where do I go!
M: Huh!

M: I'm like Smokey the Bear's worst enemy

H: Ah! Give me a key!

H: No, we all did good, we all did good, I'm proud of everybody.
M: We all did well.
H: Are you correcting my grammar?
M: Yes, sir.

H: Next time on Hank, Karen, Katherine and Michael play - And Karen - Super Mario Brothers Wii.

H: Everybody's a fish!

H: OK everybody, work together. Work together! It's not working.

K: Come on Luigi!
H: Hrrn!
K: Hrrn! (Laughing)
H: Hrrn, Oh! Toad for the win!

M: Oh, I want it. I want it. No!
H: Ah!
M: Uhuhuhuhuh.
K: Dang it!

M: We just built a bridge. Together.
H: We built this bridgey.
K: Oh, good job you guys.
H: We built this bridgey over water.
H & K: Built this bridgey. We built this bridgey
H: Over some water.
K: On rock and roll. Oh. We had, we had different ideas about where that was going.

M: Oh.
H: Where's the last one!? Oh!
K: Oh!
H: Oh!
K: Oh!
H: Just me!
K: But there's only you! Dang it!

H: (Sings theme music)

K: I'm just gonna climb this ladder.
M: Ooh, 420.

M: Bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy.
K: It's like a stop light!
H: Wow! It is like a stop light! Look at us, little stop lighty jiggle bounce. Oh! Oh! (Laughs) I thought we were going to die!

H: Woah!
K: No! No!
H: Cotton danger!
M: What the? Uh! No, no, I don't like it.
K: You can go back.
M: I don't like it. I don't like it.

K: What's that? Woah!
M: Here, I'll just get that for you.

H: Castle! Castle with Nathan Fillion!
M: There was a really nice picture of him on Reddit the other day from, like, 1995.
H: Oh, I saw it, with the Rollerblades?
M: Yes.
H: Oh God, it was so good! Nick, can you find that picture and put it up on the video.
K: What's up, Toad? What're you doing?

H: Lava. Lava.
K: OK, this is a problem.
M: Or if you're in Canada, lava, lava.

H: I did! Double squish!
M: Woah, woah, woah, woah! Let's just talk about this.

H: Oneeoneeoneeoneeon.
K: Heehonheehon heehonhee heehon heehon heehonheehon. Oh no!

M: Who put these giant gears in this castle?

H: What's his name? Grimace? Grumple, Grumpleupagus?
K: Thwomp? Thwomp?
H: Thwomp. Yes, Thwomp sounds right.

K: OK, this is a timing thing.
H: OK, so we're gonna... I'm, we're gonna run. We're gonna run.
M: Hrrn! Oh! Oh! We just hit every single one all the way over.
K: Ah!
H: Oh come on! Oh come on! Oh no! Come on! Yes!
K: One extra life for Mario! You're welcome!

K: Instead of Mario always trying to go really as fast as he possibly can.
H: Trananananana.
K: Like, maybe he could just hang back for a second.