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My AMA is running right now:

In which Hank discusses some of the coolest things he's learned while answering people's questions about the world. Often times, I have to say, these questions start out with "This is probably a stupid question, but..." when really, any curiosity is good curiosity...and people who expect all people to know all things are the real idiots.

You can see all of my Tumblr Science Asks here: Thanks to Geneva for categorizing them.

And More Sledding Footage from Michael Aranda here:

And if you want to keep getting smarter with us:
Good morning John.

It is that magical time of year between the time we give gifts and the time when we celebrate the New Year. It's magical, in that I don't have anything I'm supposed to be doing. I don't know how!

I kind of just want to back to work! Which... maybe I'm a workaholic, or maybe I've just done a really great job.

Yeah, this is the one time of the year when I get to decide for myself what I want to do, so that's sledding.

(Hank sledding: UHH! Oh, this was a bad idea! There's a bush. Right towards the bush!)

And answering science questions on Tumblr! Also playing video games, eating fried egg sandwiches, cuddling... but mostly answering science questions on Tumblr! It turns out that it is just one of my favorite things in the world to do, and if you haven't seen my Tumblr asks, here are some of the fascinating things about the world that I have learned due to people asking me questions on Tumblr!

There is a kidney that has been in three different people! The person who donated, she donated it to her brother, and then he couldn't use it; it didn't work, for whatever reason, so they took it out, and they were like, "So, this is yours now... you have rights over this thing; what should we- can we put it in another person, or should we throw it away?"

And he was like, "Put it in another per-" but I think it's fascinating that... like, the moment it entered his body cavity, it was his. And he got to decide, not his sister, who was the original owner of the kidney, and not the medical establishment, who had the kidney and put it inside of him, but him, the guy. And he was like, "Yeah, put it in someone else." And they did. So that kidney has been in three different people.

Sperm whales undergo massive changes in pressure! Like, if you take deep-sea fish up to not-deep-sea locations, they explode! And if you take fish from the top of the ocean and bring them to the bottom, then they get crushed.

But sperm whales, they go from like the top of the ocean, all the way down to like 2,000 feet (actually meters) below the ocean, which is 200 atmospheres different in pressure. And they're mammals, so they have lungs that are filled with air, which can cause all kinds of problems with nitrogen getting into your... it's crazy!

How do they do this? When they dive, they actually collapse their own lungs, so that that's not a problem, and then all the oxygen they need is stored in their blood and their hemoglobin, and in special oxygen storage proteins in their muscles.

The blink of an eye - sounds like it's fast. And it does not take very much time, only about 300 milliseconds. But in those 300 milliseconds, it travels about 1 inch. So it's actually very slow. It's like a fifth of a mile per hour. Slow blinking!

We have created a drug which prevents hair from going grey. It actually reverses the greying process, but... it causes diarrhea and nausea and occasionally death. So that's not good. But it also is good for treating leukemia, and it costs about $90,000 a year. So, hair dye!

We do not know if the core of Jupiter is liquid or a solid. It is very hot, but also under tremendous amounts of pressure. In fact, if Jupiter were just 10 times bigger, there would be so much pressure there would be sustainable fusion reactions going on inside of it, and we would live in a binary star system.

My all-time favorite question that has been asked of me on Tumblr: "If I weigh 99 pounds and I ate 1 pound of nachos, does that mean that I am 1% nacho?" This question turns out to be so complicated that I cannot answer it in this video. We may do an entire episode of SciShow on it. It's fascinating.

I hope you enjoyed these fascinating science facts that I have learned; I love the world! And I love weird, exciting, interesting questions about the world, so thank you to people on Tumblr for doing this, and yes, I do know that now I'm going to get like way more asks than I can answer. So sorry! I probably won't be able to answer your asks.

But I am going on Reddit right now to do an AMA. If you would like to join me, you can ask me anything! I just feel like answering-question-y today, though my wrist is already starting to hurt, from the typing. So, not from the video games, I promise.

John, I hope that this week of being able to do whatever you want it... probably not, because you have kids. So, you're probably doing whatever they want. That sounds likes less fun. But I'm sure you're enjoying it nonetheless, and I'll see you on Tuesday.