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The P4A was AMAAAZIIIING but there's no way you can catch everything unless you are an android and do not sleep or require food or which case...I welcome our robot overlords.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated. If you watched the livestream, voted for videos, made a video, watched videos, commented on videos, or made a donation...the awesome of this day is because of you.

And also thanks to the people who volunteer their time to the's a limited set of credits:

Volunteer Support: Manar, Valerie, Katie, KT, Lindsay, Blaze, Julian, Monica, Laura, Rosianna, Kristen, Alan, Monica

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[House of 1982 (Built Like a Ship) is playing in the background]
John: Hello and welcome to the 2013 Project for Awesome. [Pops champagne poppers] Waaaaaaaa.

Hank are you there or is just Bobble John?

Bobble John [voiced by Hank]: Just Bobble John.  My head came off.

[John laughing]

John: Oh no!

Bobble John: I'm okay, I'm okay.

John: I'm just going to let this happen.  It's it's...

Bobble John: So continue what you were saying please.  Let me put this hat on.

[John laughing]

John: Ladies and Gentlemen, my insane brother.

Hank: Michael is editing you scooping the brains out of a squirrel right now.

Emily: It is the most disgusting video we have ever done.  Squirrel needed to see a dentist real bad.

Hank: I blame Squirrel-bama.

Patrick: Aww.  That's the sweetest wrestling I've ever seen.

Hank [to Matthew]: I am bigger than you.

Matthew: I know

Hank: Come on, take control.

Craig: Am I gonna Hula for you?  Good, good question.  And here's a good answer.  No.

John: Put Sharpies in my nose.

[to Joe and Elliott]: You get to work every morning at six o'clock?

Joe: Yeah.

Elliott: We do.

John: Do you want to come work for me, because you could literally  sleep in three extra hours everyday.

Elliott: Yes.

John: Do you see it?

Maureen: I'm having a religious moment.

Hank: Ahhhhhahah.  I'm at a dark wall.  I can't go and there's nowhere to aaaaaaa don't like it.

Sock puppet Hank: It has been an interesting couple of minutes.

John: I'm concerned that the patriarchy might not even survive to the end of the Project for Awesome.  Just kidding, just kidding it's, it's deeply entrenched.

Hank: So we're having a new perk right now and I'm, I'm wearing it, it.  Alex Day, uh.  Well first of all, he's a smaller man than I am.  This is not what it looks like on Alex.  The number of people watching this just sharply decreased, so I don't know how to take that.  How do you make a cat look like Benedict Cumberbatch?

Brooke: Well, blue scarf, right?

Hank [singing]: I came in like a wrecking ball.

Henry: It got clearer not more confusing.  Like the quark model cleared things up amazingly.

Hank: Yeah, pudding is gross it's like for horses.       


John: No

[collective bewilderment]

Wil: Just so that I can sit there and have the authentic experience of uhh properly eating salami.


George: This is my first time ever spoken word piece, it's called beliefs.

Destin: Why are you doing pelvic thrusts?

Hank: Because you told me to tap dance.

Matthew: Alex Day hugging Alex Day is what's happening here.

Hank [as Michael Aranda's head]: My hair is everything.

John: Ugg.

Hannah: How did you so precisely get your eyes?
John: Oh, I've been practicing.

It will look like this except it won't already be on cardboard, it'll just be, you know, just a poster that you can roll and unroll.  But it'll look like this.

What is my Sharpie face removal plan?  Why didn't I think about this before I started to cover my face in Sharpie?

Sock puppet Hank: Shorty had them apple-bottom jeans.  And boots with the fur.  The whole club was a-lookin at her.

Destin: Three two one.

Vi: Zoom in!  Zoom in!

Destin: Now we're looking at my blood move.

Hank: We just raised 525,000 dollars.

John: This is my favorite time of year to be a Nerdfighter and it's when i'm proudest of the Nerdfighter community because I get to see the work that we do together.  I know that it's hard to take me seriously when i'm covered, still slightly covered in Sharpie.

[Song ends]

Hank: I feel ya bro.  And thanks for getting me into this mess.

The Project for Awesome indiegogo page is open for another thirty six-ish hours.  You can still get all kinds of amazing things there, my Christmas album, John's sneak peek of the new thing that he's writing, Project for Awesome t-shirts, posters, commemorative coins, Men and Women of YouTube charity calenders, Michael Aranda's actual head shots from when he was like 15 years old, and my fake head shot from when I was eight.  Also yes The Fault In Our Stars has a movie poster and this is the only way that you can get it, so, if you want to get that it's only 25 bucks.  And it's all for charity, it's a donation.

 All I got to say is thank you, thank you to everybody who commented, who watched the livestream, who made a video, who donated money.  Thanks to everybody who came and joined us on the live show and participated in the Men and Women of YouTube charity calenders.  And of course, thanks to our amazing volunteer support staff, who stayed up all hours of the day and night with us.  Thanks to Michael Aranda who designed the poster and the t-shirt.  Thanks to Karen Kavett who designed the calender and the website.  And thanks to our web developer, Sam Rudge.  And lastly, our hosting service who did it for free.  

 This really is one of my favorite parts of my life so thank you all for being so great.  John I'll see you on Tuesday.

[Music plays and End screen]