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In which John Green epically fails to eat 102 peeps because of an attack by tiny chickens. Sorry. Real news next Sunday.

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Good morning, Hank, it's Sunday.

Yesterday I went to the doctor because I have a bad case of tiny chicken disease, so bad that nothing's coming out of my nose because the chickens have blocked my sinus passages. And the doctor put me on an antibiotic and steroids. I don't know why he prescribed me steroids but I think it's so I can get really strong so I can punch myself in the face and then go in and dig out the tiny chickens myself.

So anyway, when he was talking about the steroids he said that because it raises my blood sugar level there's one thing that's really important, which is that I can not eat any big sugary meals. And I was like "Well, can I eat 102 small sugary meals?" And he said no. So, the Peeps eating is going to have to wait.

But I will do it, uh, provided that the doctor eventually says it's okay. Now, Hank, I know that you might be disappointed by this news, but I don't know where you get off, since for like six months you've owed us one dressing up as Carrie Bradshaw. And you won't do it, and I think I speak for all the Nerdfighters when I say we're mad.

Now, Hank, for the last several weeks on the Ning there have been a series of discussions about boycotting your videos until you do the Carrie Bradshaw punishment. Until now, I have stayed silent because you are my brother and I lo- like you. But I can stay silent no longer.

Hank, dress up as Carrie Bradshaw! I'm sick and it will make me laugh. Willy's mad about it too, Hank.

Until I see you dress up as Carrie Bradshaw in a thumbnail for one of your videos, I'm boycotting. Hey hey! Ho ho!

Into a skirt Hank's gotta go! Hey hey! Ho ho!

Into a skirt Hank's gotta go! Hank Green won't get our views until he wears high heeled shoes! Hank Green won't get our views until he wears high heeled shoes!

That was the most walking I've done all day and I didn't enjoy it. Hank, I'm gonna go back to bed in a minute, but before I do I want to share with you some of my favorite non don't forget to be awesome DFTBA acronyms! Did four teletubbies blind America?

Decepticons feared the brilliant Autobots. Drink fruity Tang before alcohol. Don't forget that bunnies attack!

Hank, here's one for your seventh grade self: Dead frogs teach bored anatomists. Dorks form the best alliances. Darling, fetch the battle axe.

And lastly, dude, find the best acronym! Hank, it occurs to me that some of those would look pretty good illustrated. Nerdfighters, if you like, upload illustrations of your favorite DFTBA acronym to the Ning.

Ugghhh, okay I'm gonna go back to bed. Hank, I'll see you on Tuesday.