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In which Lindsey talks about some of the ways to protect yourself against both spreading and contracting Herpes.


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Host: Dr. Lindsey Doe

Directing/Filming/Editing: Nicholas Jenkins

Titles: Michael Aranda

Executive Producer: Hank Green

Welcome back to Herpes talk!

Most people get Herpes when they're little kids from a relative kissing them on the mouth. And as you learned last episode, this can go oral to oral if they grow up and kiss someone later. Or they perform oral sex on a partner in the future.

As kiddos they may have had nothing indicating that there was a virus present. Few outbreaks over time that they may or may not remember.

But they still have Herpes in their bodies which means at any point in their lifespan that ugly virus can rear its head and either cause and inconvenience or pass to another person. 

Every time that somebody who has Herpes simplex virus comes in contact with somebody who doesn't, it's possible that transmission can occur but it's not automatic.
There are many variables that have a say in whether Herpes sets up shop or not.
I want you to know them all!

first you need to understand Herpes, how it is transmitted, how it expresses itself, and how it affects the body. Here.

Two, second, get tested. The only way to know if you have Herpes is to get tested. This applies to all sexually transmitted infections. 
When you go to the clinic you'll be asked questions. Answer honestly.
Then they'll examine you. Breathe deeply.
This visit may also include a test. Ask which diagnostic tool they use and advocate for a blood test. 
Terri Warren frequently updates the Herpes handbook that outlines the list of all the options available for testing. Link below. 

Three, if you have Herpes there are medications that can suppress the virus so it doesn't act as friendly with other bodies. 
There are naturopathic and homeopathic remedies too. 
Remember that the virus affects your nervous system. So things that love on your nervous system mean good. 

If you don't have Herpes, congratulations!
Your responsibility is to be gentle and supportive. Listen to the rest of these tricks on how to hold off a Herpes transmission and make sure that you're taking care of yourself. Don't do anything you don't want to do.

'Kay, more ideas. Block any skin to skin contact as much as you can. Dams, condoms, clothing, non-microwavable cling wrap.
Make sure you have safe words.

Talk about it! Talk about Herpes. Turns out that knowing your status and sharing that with whom you have sex reduces transmission by a lot. A lot! A lot!
Researchers at the University of Washington have found that self disclosing- "I have Herpes"- extended the amount of time that an uninfected partner contracted Herpes by 210 days.

I have Herpes.

If your partner hadn't notified you, it would have been more like 60 days instead of the 270 days of sexy time before you got Herpes. 

Herpes simplex virus 1 and 2 are ugly, they're very rarely deadly. So most of the impact is emotional.

Most of you will get an STI sometime in your lifetime just like most of you will get sick. It's a consequence of interacting with other people.
The reason why STIs are so ew and people are afraid to bring them up is because of the ST part of the STIs.
You are a sex sexplanateer! No shame! 
An infection doesn't have to become a stigma just because it's blow the belt. 

I suspect I got Herpes in the spring of 2010 from a heavy make out session. My partner had been four-wheeling the sand dunes in Idaho and when he came home I really wanted to kiss his face. 
I saw the sores but I thought "chapped lips from the wind, not Herpes outbreak from the blazing sun." Shucks!

Sunlight has been scientifically proven to trigger Herpes outbreaks. You need the sun, but maybe don't let it blaze you.
Watch out for these other things too.
Friction, like masturbation and sex. Stress, and other tough emotions because they're agitating your nervous system which is the part of body that is holding onto this trouble-making virus.
Menstruation, pregnancy, and birth control can also be added to this list. These are all culprits known to reactivate the virus by giving it a foothold to replicate. 
You can avoid these things. You can also change your diet. 
It turns out that what you're eating or drinking may cause your pH to go into a more acidic zone. This makes for a very virus-friendly environment.

If you're having frequent outbreaks and want to ward them off completely, take in more alkaline things like greens and water and less acidic things like soda and grains.
Have you ever noticed that you and your partner have outbreaks when you've been exposed to vaginal fluid? Acid!
Wash those Herpes vulnerable areas after playing. And be kind to them.

Lastly, monitor your mood, your stress. Find time management tools that are gonna bring you down. Take care of yourself, you absolutely deserve it.
I for one am taking my Herpes to bed early.