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Okay so technically I may not have made a video yesterday, BUT: I don't care! If you care, I'm sorry. that's the thing about caring is that sometimes you're going to care about stuff that other people don't care about. 'Cause I'm tired, and I'm sick, and I was on a plane all day, and I didn't prepare correctl- maybe I do care!

Last week was the week of many collabs, for me. I was- I have filmed videos for sevron, sevron, sevffffer channels that weren't mine. I did YouTubers React, which won't be on for a while; I did Daily Grace, which is already online; SourceFed Morning Mouth-Off, which is already online; and Rhett and Link promotional video, which is on! A Ze Frank and Friends video...

I stopped using my fingers. What am I on?
You Deserve A Drink - has one more that I'm forgetting - oh, this is gonna bug me... Beer and Board Games, I did a Beer and Board Games, which is a show that if you are over, like, 16, you should watch. But if you're not, then you shouldn't. It gets a little dirty up in the medi-zb-zb-zb- blamesocietyfilms household. I almost said mediocrefilms because we filmed it in Greg Benson's house, who is mediocrefilms, but it's a show from blamesocietyfilms - and yes, they have 'films' in the title of their channel, because they made their channel before YouTube knew what it was gonna be. 
I was super prescient in calling our channel 'vlogbrothers,' I have to say. That was well done. The word 'vlog' stuck around - which I didn't really want it to, to be honest, but I thought it was going to - but yeah, there are so many people with terrible, terrible YouTube channel names that you just had to stick with, like 'jaaaaaaa' (Julia Nunes). It probably would have been better if we'd gone with ';' that's probably what we should have done, or JohnandHank, those were probably both available at that time. We almost had ',' which would have been bad, because Brotherhood 2.0 only lasted for a year. Which is another thing we sort of ran up against with Lizzie Bennet, was that - we can't keep making content on that channel, unless it's Lizzie. And since the story's over, we have to stop. 
And this a disjointed conversation. But, when we were first starting Lizzie Bennet Diaries, we were doing this [waving gesture] with our arms, to make sure that we looked really weird together. But also, in addition to doing that, we discussed having a channel name that was not specific to Lizzie Bennet Diaries...we thought about...oh, I can't remember any of them. There were, like, four different names that we had ideas for, but we decided not to use any of those ideas, we decided to vote for 'lizziebennet,' have it be Lizzie Bennet's channel, and it was just- and it would go away, and this is something with, like, I struggle with a lot, because once you have 200,000 subscribers on a channel - which Lizzie Bennet does now - it feels really, like, bad, and like a bad decision to just close that channel down and not do content there anymore. But that - oh look, double pizza John [on shirt and on poster]; look at them looking at each other -

What was I talking about? [pause] I have no idea.
It turns out I do care that I didn't do a Vlog Every Day in April day yesterday, but I think I did do one on Friday, which I wasn't supposed to, so it's kind of like I made up for it... I d- I wasn't -p - it was really hard to figure out what I was doing when I was in L.A., like, there were- not a lot of moments when I could edit video, which was why the last couple were like "Here's - things that happened." So... Here's - things that happened.

 Vlog snippet

Toby: -just red shirt for Vidcon. I don't know what - I want to perform freakin' [unreleased song title], it'll be awes-I think I'm gonna bleep it. Just because.
[Hank behind camera] It's just got the 'sh*t,' right?
Toby: Yeah, two 'sh*ts.'
[behind camera] Two 'sh*ts.'
Toby: I don't give two sh*ts - but I'm bleeping both. 

Link: I've got this,
[behind camera] That's good. Now, I'm taking a video, man. What do you think I am?
Link: This is a prop. Look how light this is...
[behind camera] I wanna touch it.
Link: Magic.
{behind camera] I still feel like I can hurt you with it.
Link: Oh, yeah. You definitely could. 

[behind camera] Aw, do you really sit across from each other at work all day? 
Rhett: Yes. All the great duos of history...
[behind camera] stare at each other from-
Link: face each other. 
[behind camera] I still feel like you're looking into each other's eyes all day long.
Rhett: Yeah, we pretty much are...but we're still getting settled. 
[behind camera] That's - but the- but you've got the Merle Haggard wall up. [all laughing]

 End of vlog snippet

Yeah. That was the last thing I did. I went to see Rhett and Link. And then we went to the Grove and went to Topshop and I got a blazer.
Yup - a blazer. I was at Topman, just to be clear; this is not a woman's blazer. I get confused by stores. Topshop was weird; this was on sale.
Right? I wanted to have some variety for when I'm shooting CrashCourse, because I've been wearing the same jacket every episode. Wanted a new one.
All right, that's it - bye.