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Happy Pizzamas!

In which John and Hank make a haul video. A BIT OF CONTEXT:

For two weeks each year, Hank and I make daily videos back and forth to each other like we did in 2007. Each year, Hank and the folks at work with great designers to release limited edition merch featuring my mustachioed face, which is only available for order during Pizzamas. For a bit of history:
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J: Good Morning Hak it's Monday! It's Pizzamas! I only get to say "good morning Hank it's Monday" once a year on Pizzamas!

H: Hi, how are you?

J: I'm good. Pizzamas is a two week period where Hank and I make videos back and forth to each other every weekday to celebrate brother hood and affection

H: and pizza

J: and e-commerce. Hey Hank,

H: Uh huh?

J: Do you know why i haven't shaved since the book came out?

H: Is it a luck thing?

J: Nope

H: AFC Wimbledon?

J: No! That's the business!

H: ouuououuoh

J: I know, it is great, thank you for noticing. Alright we're in the warehouse which means that we are with the Pizzamas stuff right now that is on sale only for the next two weeks. Hanks. Let's do a Pizzamas unboxing video.

H: It's a haul

J: Oh!

H: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

J: Ah! What is it?

H: It's a Pizzamas sunshade for your car!

J: Oh God! The great thing about this also is that it serves as a theft deterrent. Because nobody wants to rob this car. The Pizzamas hat.

H: It's really good. So like subtle. We're not trying to throw it in your face. 

J: Does it look good with the mustache?

H: Aand Pizzamas shirts. So every year we have a bunch of different designers do a Pizzamas design for us so their take on pizz John, this is Lily Nashita's. This is chibi John.

J: Oh my goodness.

H:Hahaha. It's the first time I've seen it. It's pretty good. Oh man.

J: Hahahahaha, oh the little mustache! Oh my gosh! Evan Palmer did this one. It's amazing. Oh my goodness.

H: So good. 

J: And then we've got this one.

H: Drippy pizza face

J: Oh ho ho ho oh boy.

H: From swerve.

J: Oh boy. Thank you swerve.

H: He's a big deal.

J: Oh god. Hank, I think this is the best year Pizzamas ever!

H: I know.

J: These are Joey Chou's. All these again available at only for 2 weeks. 

H: Managing this project is one of my favourite things to do every year cause I just get to tell designers to be weird and then the weirder it is the happier I am. Yeah you like this one?

J: Oooooo

H: Who do you think did this one?

J: Mmm, I don't know. Who?

H: Thought Cafe

J: I also feel like ths is a gift that you give to me every year. It's the weirdest time of the year because we make daily videos for no other reason than to hock weird Pizza John Merch.

H: All year round!

J: And I'm very grateful for - 

H: Oh et ready for this.

J: Oh my god. It's my face as a piece of pizza. It's so meta. I love that everybody's worked the mustache in one way or another Hank. It's almost like my mustache is actually awesome and people like it.

H:Everyone leave - We'll have a poll on the side of the video.

J: Yeah 

H: Tell us if you like John's Mustache and want it to stay.

J: I would say tell us THAT you like John's mustache and want it to stay.

H: If. Whether.

J: That! Pyjama  top!

H: It's the pyjama top!

J: It's so comfy! 

H: See, doesn't that look great?

J: I feel ready for sleep.

H: Professionally styled.

J: But actually I have to say-

H: Your pecks look good!

J: Thank you. I have been working out, as you know. Uh, that is incredibly comfortable. Aah it's like a warm hug. And then there's this amazing sweatshirt, which was designed by Beth Radloff.

H: It's so cosy!

J: Huuuuh. My kids are finally gonna think I'm cool. We're just at the cusp of the fidget spinner fad too.

H: Right

J: Which was great thinking. Huuuh, this is a high quality fidget spinner actually.

H: Yup, yup so there's little faces on there. 

J: This is my last Pizza John surprise of 2017. I just want to say thanks to you and everybody at for making this already a great Pizzamas. It's a Pizza John shot glass!

H: For your real pizza parties. For when you go Pizza-hearty!

J: Hahaha. Oh, god. It's great, it's definitely a pizza John shot glass. And this marks the first time...I don't know  - Nerdfighteria's getting older. 

H: Ha, yeah.

J: I guess it's okay?

H: Yeah, you can drink whatever you want out of it.

J: That's true.

H: Take a shot of Ovaltine. there's also a lapel pin pictured because we don't have it in stock yet and John and I just spent a lot of time signing these and then John spilled coca-cola ona bunch of them.

J: Yep! Uh, sorry about that. Those will be discounted but all the profits from the posters will go to the National Alliance for Mental Illness - NAMI.

H: If you come up with a, uh, Pizza John cocktail for us - virgin and alcoholic - put it in the comments section. We're gonna select a top one that we like the most.

J: And we're gonna send all the Pizzamas stuff to you. Hank and i will drink all fo the suggestions.

H: Hahaha, I think that's-

J: And then we'll make a decision.

H: I think this was - That is a terrible improvisation! 

J: Hank, I'll continue to see you right now. But also I'll see you tomorrow.

H: Okay.

J: And the next day