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01:50 - we're live!

3:30 - I'm curious as to know if any liver detoxification methods or ingredients have any statistically proven research behind them and if there is any conclusions from it?

4:55- Does sleep positions make a difference in quality of sleep? What does the research say?

7:33 - I exercise lightly for well over an hour each day (using an exercise bike while I youtube) is this too much? I rarely feel tired or sore after but should I schedule rest days anyway?

9:00 - I have been reading about Oxycise, an exercise program which you supposedly can lose weight by the way you breathe. Is there any evidence to show that the way you breathe has an effect on your weight?

9:50 - I was diagnosed with shingles at age 22, I haven't had an out break in 2 years. What are some ways I can help keep it that way? What causes out breaks?

12:12 - Is there a nutritional difference between cooked vs. uncooked food? Or the way our body absorbs it, etc?

13:02 - Are those dental X-rays safe for kids? They get more than 1x / year when being monitored for mouth expanders and braces.

14:36 - Any research/papers on whether or not cracking knuckles reduces grip strength with age?

15:53 - My Dr. told me that skipping the placebo week on The Pill (and starting the new pack) is bad because the body needs a chance to "clean itself out". Is this true? I'd heard in the past that it was safe.

17:25 - Although women of childbearing age who are expecting or attempting to become pregnant are often recommended to take prenatal vitamins, what does the evidence really say?

18:57 - What is your opinion on sharing clinical notes with patients? I know the studies say it improves patient satisfaction, but do you think it will actually improve patient outcomes?

21:52 - You've said that improving lab results isn't the same as improving health. What about the opposite? If my lipids and weight are perfect, can a bad diet give me heart disease?

24:43 - Do you have to be a doctor to lead medical research? Is there a shift toward nurses/nurse practitioners leading research? Was an RA and loved it but med school isn't for me.

26:28 - Are there any studies on the long-term (30+ years or more) side effects of statins?

26:49 - What areas of medical research do you believe don't get enough funding or attention?

27:45 - At what point during a diet cut does losing weight become detrimental to health?

28:11 - Do you believe we should invest in increasing the SOP of non-physician provides as a way to deal with physician shortage?

29:30 - I read somewhere that tube tying dangerous/causes symptoms resembling the menopause? What are some alternatives if I have hormonal problems and can't get an IUD?
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