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This week's questions:
2:39 What does the scientific evidence say about the effectiveness of acupuncture? Wikipedia says, "Systematic reviews found little evidence of acupuncture's effectiveness in treating pain."
4:50 I've been on a few rounds of steroids trying to clear up a UC flareup. At first we were trying corticosteroids, but now my doctor has me on glucocorticosteroids. What's the difference?
5:48 Is it true that consuming soy milk will increase estrogen levels & negatively affect health? I drink soy milk and people always tell me that I should switch to other milk substitutes like almond milk.
7:21 When should children begin seeing the dentist? Every source lists a different age.
8:17 What are antioxidants and what are they for and why do we need them (or don't)?
10:17 I've heard differing answers on how often I should see a dermatologist. Is it different for people who are high-risk for skin cancer?
12:18 3yo has eczema that we are really struggling with. We have a wonderful allergist, and we did tons of allergy testing about a year ago, which identified eggs, and eliminating them has helped tremendously, but recently the eczema seems to be getting worse again. How do we know when it might be time to do more allergy testing? I don't want to put him through unnecessary testing.
14:42 Can you talk more about when you would recommend someone see a therapist? What sorts of indications? How to find a good one? What to say when scheduling an appointment?
17:03 What do you think are some key points of each presidential candidate's healthcare policies that we should pay attention to?
24:19 Which medical skill, besides CPR, would you wish the general public to master?
25:25 Dr. Carroll, I've got way too many bodybuilder friends who tote protein shakes and high-protein diets. Are there any studies for or against the effect of high-protein intake on muscle development?
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