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Paper Towns Featurette - Nat Wolff (2015) - John Green Romance Movie HD

A young man and his friends embark upon the road trip of their lives to find the missing girl next door.
Nat: Hey, I'm Nat Wolff and welcome to the Paper Towns set.

John: Nat and I started talking about the Paper Towns movie while we were still on the set of Fault In Our Stars.

N: I feel like Fault In Our Stars being such a success kind of put me at ease for this.

Justice: In between takes we always sing songs. Nat is our DJ, he's always playing crazy stuff and we just all join in and sing.

Cara: We are quite similar in real life, too much energy. I think they kind of were anticipating us gonna be a bit crazy 'cause we distracted each other quite a lot but it's always fun.

Oh my God! I can get in!

N: Being on a movie set is so intimate. Either everybody ends up hating each other or loving each other and we all love each other.

Halston: In the movie when Margo goes missing we end up going on this road trip together.

Quentin: I think I know where he might be.
Lacey: I'm going with you.
Ben: If she's going, I'm definitely going, yeah.
Radar: We're not missing prom!

J: Oh no!

Did you go to prom in real life in your actual high school?

N: I didn't get to go to my own prom because I was auditioning for The Fault In Our Stars.

J: Wow, that's a good excuse.

Nat understands how to chart Q's journey.

Quentin: What can I say, we're on a mission.
Ben: Hey!

H: I can't say enough amazing things about Nat Wolff.

C: He's always fun. Never a dull moment with him and he's such an incredible actor.

J: He's just one of the funniest, most intelligent people I know.