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SciShow Kids, hosted by Jessi Knudsen CastaƱeda, premieres in March.

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Executive Producer Hank Green
Directed & Produced by Caitlin Hofmeister
Designed & Animated by Hailey Faust, Sarah Gullickson, and Megan Toenyes
Filmed by Stefan Chin & Lou Winkler
Edited by Sarah Meismer
Music by The WhizPops
Ever wonder why the Tyrannosaurus rex is extinct but the great white shark isn't? Or why we humans have blue, green, or brown eyes and not red, orange, or yellow? I'm Jessi, and I want to explore these and so many other questions with you on SciShow Kids. Together, we'll conduct experiments; we'll trek into the field to talk to experts and other scientists, and make discoveries about our world and beyond! So this spring, join me and my friends on SciShow Kids, and we'll find answers to all our questions, and maybe we'll even find some more questions along the way.