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Hi. I'm Aaron Carroll and I'm the host and writer of Healthcare Triage, a channel where we go straight to the research to look at topics on healthcare and healthcare policy.

We generally produce three shows a week. On Monday there's our classic show where we spend 5 to 8 minutes on a given topic with lots of details and evidence. On Wednesday, when we're all in town, there's a live show where we answer your questions directly submitted to us during the show. And on Friday there's a news show where we look at what's happened this week in the worlds of medical research, health, and policy.

But there's no way that I could do all of this alone. Let me introduce you to the other members of the amazing Healthcare Triage team. This is Stan. He produces, directs, and edits the shows. This is Mark. He does the graphics. Oh, and you might recognize this guy, John Green, who pops in once in a while to ask me questions.

Healthcare Triage started as a part-time project for all of us back when we put out one episode a week. But we've grown a lot in the last year and we've been producing a lot more material, we've been reaching a wider audience, and we're being increasingly recognized as one of the premier channels in health, research, and policy.

We'd like to put even more time and resources into the channel to make it even more useful and accessible. We have some pretty cool ideas of episodes or series we'd love to make. But to do that we need some resources. And that's where you come in.

That's why we're here at Patreon. Patreon is a subscription based platform that allows you to support us in the form of a monthly donation. Beyond the satisfaction of helping us produce Healthcare Triage, we've also got some great rewards for our patrons. Seriously, they're pretty cool and you can check them out below. We'll be adding more all the time.

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Thanks in advance for your consideration.