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Subbable is merging with Patreon and Sexplanations needs your help. In this video, Lindsey talks about the new rewards system with Patreon and how helping us now actually helps us more as Patreon is matching donations for a little over a month to help creators!
From about 1996 to 2010 sex education was dismissed as a public health issue and repackaged as a political one, meaning it wasn't about making sure people had knowledge to care for themselves and others; It was about right and wrong, where wrong was sex before marriage. Abstinence only programs and funding for them grew exponentially, like on a graph...*vrroom.* In just those 14 years, $1.5 billion dollars were allocated to schools to teach 1. Abstinence from sexual activity or zero sexual anything is the expected standard and 2. Sex outside marriage will likely have negative psychological and physical consequences. Kind of like, "Do the right thing, wait for the ring?"

Did it work? No. Students didn't stop having sex, nor did they wait longer to have it and when they did, they didn't know how to protect themselves unless someone else educated them about it. If you're into horror stories, here are three videos.

Since June of 2013, Sexplanations has reached over 13 million viewers, given 37.4 million minutes of sex education away for free, spoken live across the country and internationally and covered topics like masturbation, sex shields and HIV.

One of you wrote, "When you first started making videos, I was still a virgin and thought that videos about sex were revolting. Because of my idiotic thought processing, I shit talked your videos to my friends. I lost my virginity 7 months ago, and I have no clue what I would do if I didn't have the opportunity or ability to learn from your videos. I'm sorry I was an asshat and bashed your videos. They are gold and every one ever should see them (virgin or not), they have saved my skin more than a few times, I owe you a lot for that."

Hank, our producer, I, and Nick, the videographer/editor can take credit for some of this, but I want to give credit to you: Those of you who share videos, those of you who donate so we can get paid, and those of you who take responsibility for your own sexualities. You're a big, huge part of Sexplanations being a thing.

Today, we opened a new social and funding account on Patreon. Subbable is merging with Patreon. Originally, this was all kind of scary. It's different and what if people don't wanna take the time to switch over and what if you don't like the rewards I set up and what if it happens slowly and we lose funding. Aah!

No fear. Patreon is the love child of Facebook and Kickstarter. It's like hanging out with cool kids and making awesome. And Patreon takes PayPal, which means you don't have to have a credit card to play. Patreon has a how to video and the site itself is pretty user-friendly, so I'm going to skip the how to and go to how much I appreciate your help.

The rewards, which I've set up in binaries. For $1 dollar you'll be a sexpla(i)naut, unless you prefer sexplatron and for a dollar more a month, that's certified. $4 a month is video's a day early, $8 you get an eballot to vote for your episode topic, $16 access to regular sex tips, $32 is my favorite is my favorite because I love mail, and for $64 your friend gets the same care package - a little something of Sexplanations merch plus all the rewards above it. $128 is a private video, twice a year, $256 you give Sexplanations a metaphorical orgasm because you cover our office rent. Patreon is matching up to $100,000, first come first serve, as in you give us $8/month which is $2/video and Patreon will give us a one-time $8 to match it, which is why I'm humbly asking you to fund us now. If you can fund us, I hope you do, if you can't, there are other ways you help us and I am equally grateful for those.

Thank you for your help and stay curious!

And Patreon takes PayPal which means...and pay...blblblel

As in if you give $8 a month which is about $2 a video...Not about, it is! $2 dollars a video.

1...1 point...five? Is that a five?