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In which John takes Hank on a whirlwind tour of Indianapolis real estate with the help of Doc Watson.


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Good morning Hank, it's Thursday May 10th, the third day of my house hunt. The Yeti and I have seen 26 houses in the last two days (shots of houses with song) (conversing with self) hey wait, go back, go back, is that a tree house? Yeah, it is. You saw a house with a tree house? That's awesome. Yeah, I know, it was- it was-it was pretty cool. It was a cool house. Hey did that house have any other really cool features? It had a pub room. Dude, you saw a house that had a tree house and it had a bar downstairs where you could have two different kinds of beer on tap? Yeah? It was pretty nice I guess? Dude, why didn't you buy that house? Well, cause the Yeti was all like, we need bedrooms. (clips of houses) Seriously Hank, that's a lot of houses. Hank, I'm gonna have to film the rest of this at the Indianapolis airport because we still have to do more house hunts. (at airport) Hank, I have great news, or at the very least potentially great news. Sarah and I saw a house we really really really liked and we put an offer on it. That means that, it was like, we told the house we like you, and then we wrote them a note that said do you like us back? please check one: yes no maybe? And now we're waiting for the house to write is back. Specifically the house in the form of its current owners. We're very nervous. Anyway, Hank, here's a quick tour of the house that we may live in if they like our offer: (video of house) Anyway, Hank, it's a great house in a great neighborhood. You can walk to this quaint, adorable little coffee shop called Starbucks. Do you like it? I hope so, because you're gonna have to come visit us a lot, because we got a guest room just for you. Anyway Hank, wish us luck with the house and I'll see you tomorrow.