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This week on NTV’s Nature Request Live, host Brit Garner counts down the top five musical theatre themed music videos about nature, parodying hits from THE SOUND OF MUSIC, RENT, EVITA, and WICKED. Get your Nature League pin here!

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All right, all right, that was Meowmery from Catz the musical coming in at number 5, shedding some light on endangered cat species around the globe. If you're just joining us, we're counting down this week's top hits plus a little something extra.

This week's video countdown on Nature Request Live is musical theatre themed. Coming in at number 4 this week is Doe-Rhi-Gi, and it's all about those awesome creatures we call ungulates. Not exactly sure what those are, but I think we're about to learn.

Go ahead and take it away! [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE] ["DO RE MI" GUITAR INTRO]. It is hard to contain all the beings That “ungulates” might impart. When you read they have hooves that well may be.

But it's far more diverse a family tree Doe-Rhi-Gi (Doe-Rhi-Gi). Our first three creatures happen to be Doe-Rhi-Gi (Doe-Rhi-Gi). Doe-Rhi-Gi-Ka-Su-Lla-Ze [SPOKEN] Oh, let me make this more clear….

Doe, a deer, a female deer Rhi-nos, elk, and camels too. Gi-raffes, cows, and antelope okapi and the caribou. Su-idae are pigs and hogs Lla-mas, tapirs, buffalo.

Ze-bras, goats, and alpacas It all brings us back to Doe! [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE]. Well I don't know about you, but I can definitely name some more ungulates now! You know, Earth has been around for close to 4.5 billion years, but it's been changing pretty rapidly lately.

That takes us to this week's number 3, Seasons of Life! [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE] ["SEASONS OF LOVE" PIANO INTRO]. Four billion five-forty million years of existence. Four billion five-forty million trips ‘round the sun.

Four billion five-forty million years of persistence. So many stories, and so much undone. Our ocean is beset By oil spills and cups from coffee.

The climate is changing We're losing wildlife (At) Four billion five-forty million years of existence (Where) are we going? What's left for Earth's life? It's gonna be rough.

It's gonna be rough. It's gonna be rough. Going to be rough.

But life's quite tough. But life's quite tough [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE]. All right, all right moving right along!

For life on Earth to have a chance, we've got to figure out some ways to coexist. For more on that, here's number 2, Eat Flies for Me Arachnida! [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE] ["DON'T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA" STRINGS INTRO]. Where did you flee from?

Running around spinning webs like you do. But never caress me at all. I never expected you to.

Eat flies for me Arachnida. The truth is I never said, “Shoo”. All through my hallways.

We've coexistence. I've kept my promise. Please keep your distance [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE].

And now the moment you've all been waiting for! We've been counting down the best musical theatre music videos here on Nature Request Live, and it's time to reveal this week's Number 1: Defying Apathy! [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE] ["DEFYING GRAVITY" INTRO]. So if you care to move me Look at the Earth and life.

As ethics told me lately “Ev'rything deserves the chance to thrive”. But if I'm thriving solo. I'm never really free.

To those who spite me. Take a message back from me. Tell them how I am.

Defying apathy. I'll cheer and cry. Defying apathy.

And soon I'll beat their lack of care. And all species right here on Earth. All creatures sky and sea and dirt.

Are always gonna make me care. Make me care. I care [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE].

Well there you have it, this week's Number 1 video. Thanks for tuning in to Nature Request Live here on Nature League, and make sure to subscribe at to keep exploring the amazingness of life on Earth. Peace!