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Waterstones wanted me to ask some questions from my UK audience, so I posted a tweet in the middle of the night US time and, well...that's the closest I could get!!

Waterstones is ALREADY SHIPPING OUT copies of A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor...which they SHOULDN'T BE DOING! But whatever! So order it there if you're in the UK!


Hello to the United Kingdom and I suppose also to other countries.  I am Hank Green, author of An Absolutely Remarkable Thing and A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor which will be on bookstore shelves July 7th.  

I signed a bunch of copies of this book for a Waterstone's and they also wanted me to answer some questions for readers, so here some of them are.

Alex (@alexkstock) asks, "For sale in store or online?"  

Definitely online.  You can pre-order signed copies now.  I'm pretty sure they'll be in all the branches on July 7th.

Ayman (@AymanSully) asks, "Is it a continuation of your previous book?"

It is.  It is the sequel and it is the conclusion to the story, so there aren't any more after this one.

Dylan (@physicynism) asks, "Did you ever feel sad that you were leaving this world you had created behind?  Ever tempted to make it a trilogy?"

So tempted.  You don't want to see the e-mails that I sent to people being like, but what if?  Mostly, I wanted to make it a trilogy in the moments when I was like, I can't fit all of this into one book or it's just gonna be too long.  I was wrong about all those things.  Like, I figured out how to fit everything into the book, and have I felt sad leaving the characters behind?  Yes, but also I feel really good about it and like, specific to the characters.  This isn't about my emotional connection to them.  This is about, like, their interests?  And this isn't gonna make any sense until you read the book, so but like, I'm just sort of happy that they don't need me anymore, if that makes sense?

Adam (@her_deshur) asks, "What was (my) favorite chapter to write?"

My favorite's always the climax even if I have to write that chapter six or seven times, which I did this time.  It's complicated.  There's like, four different storylines that all come together at the same time, not easy to do, but really fun.

Deborah (@VarennaD) wants to know if there are any John Green quotes in the book, which is a very funny question, but I cannot tell you why.

Amy (@focusamy_) wants to know what my favorite British sweet is and the weirdest thing a British person has ever said to me.  I really like mint (?~1:45), that's not something that we have.  We have no (?~1:47).  It's such a candy, right?  They're like, we're gonna sell you less candy 'cause it's full of holes but I'm like, yes, I'll take it, and the weirdest thing a British person has ever said to me, so the first time I went to England, which was right after I graduated from high school, I was hanging out with, like, the child of my parents' friends.  She was like, 11 or 12 and she wanted to tell me like, bad jokes, and the joke was, Why was the washing machine laughing? and the punchline was It was taking the piss out of the jeans, but we don't have that, and so to me, I was just like, ha...haa? and I just went away, and then two years later I heard about this phrase and I was like, oh.  Oh!

And then our final question is gonna come from Silvia (@silviaisthehero), "In the first book, you wrote a lot about the media and how it's affecting society.  As social media itself has continued to evolve, was there some thing new you had to include in A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor that you did not expect when you wrote the first book?"

Yes.  I mean, a thousand things, like, it was very informed by the things that have happened.  I basically finished the first book before, you know, Donald Trump became president.  Like, it was published way after that, but the  first draft was done before that happened, so it's a very different world and the first book is very much sort of like, all the stuff through a personal lens, whereas the second book is much more through a, like a whole society-wide lens, culture-wide, even a global lens.  Like, how does this stuff not just affect individuals but everyone, and in thinking about that, in having an opportunity to think about that, I really changed how I feel about social media in general, which is that this, these platforms are extremely powerful and they are only going to get more powerful, and that's something that we should all be thinking about a lot and a lot more than we are, which is hopefully something that this book helps with.

Thank you to Waterstones for supporting this book.  I hope that you find yourself a signed copy.  If you do pick up the book, I really hope you enjoy it.  It was a difficult but really enjoyable thing to create.(?~3:45)