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1:20 - What do you wish was talked about in the debates last night concerning healthcare?

4:41 - On Mental_Floss, it was mentioned that eating 40 Tbs peanut butter increases your risk of death by 1 micromort due to aflotoxin B (higher risk of liver cancer). Should I be worried?

5:40 - What is the weirdest study you've ever read in a reputable journal?

08:00 - Follow up from last week: Dr. Carroll, you misunderstood the birth control question. She was asking is it safe to to only non-placebos, every day?

11:30 - I've recently heard of the "blood type diet". In this diet the food you eat has a direct impact on the efficiency of your metabolism and your overall health. Is there any truth to this?

10:45 - For many years I have been told antioxidants are useful in reducing the risk of cancer and/or influencing general health. Is this true? Recently I've been hearing mixed responses either way? As always, thanks for the show. DFTBA

14:10 - Is there any research on the long-term effects of eating food cooked only by microwave?

16:00 - How do strength training and cardiovascular workouts affect the body differently?

17:04 - What are the next big developments in cardiology over the next few decades? Are stem cells really going to do anything (in relation to the heart)?

17:31 - How do I get help my tennis elbow injury heal faster? (which I am surprised i got since I do not play tennis) Also - what causes tennis elbow so I do not repeat this experience?

18:05 - Weighing concerns like amount of research needed to cure and the number of people affected by a disease, what disease or condition do you wish were more studied?

19:07 - Why does the FDA continue to allow the use of surrogate markers when many of them have no correlation at all with clinical outcomes?

21:47 - Aaron, in the comments I asked about using milk to prevent heartburn. 1 cup daily seems to cure persistent heartburn for me. Does this sound alright to you?

22:35 - Can you talk a little bit about your day to day? Are you currently practicing or doing policy/academic/internet stuff?

24:08 - Is there any evidence ultrasound, short wave diathermy, stretching and other physiotherapy treatments are effective for muscle strains and injuries?
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