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Jessi takes Lollipop the striped skunk for an adventure in the snow!

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Hi guys, welcome back to Animal Wonders.

It is a beautiful snowy day out, and I thought that Lollipop might enjoy a little adventure in the snow. [theme music plays]. First thing I need to do is put her harness on.

She is native species to Montana, but if she were to get out, away from me, she would not be able to survive on her own. And then I'm going to attach a nice long leash. I use a thirty foot leash because this is going to give her a lot of freedom to just explore without me being really close all the time.

I'm not really sure how she's going to do in the deep snow, so I'm gonna see if she wants to smell this stump. What do you think, Lollipop? That's some good smells right there.

I don't know if you guys can hear this, but she is just sniffing, and sniffing, and sniffing. Skunks' sense of smell is their primary source of discovering the world, so I wonder what it's like for her to be out here in the snow and not--most of the scents are covered up, so she's probably working twice as hard to smell what's been going on around here. I'm going to hide a treat in the snow, and see if she can find it...

Totally. That was so easy for her. She didn't even know that I was there.

Ahh... Maybe the snow completely covers up the scent. That one's under the snow.

Let's see if I make a little hole, she can smell it better... Is that co--oh good job! I bet that's cold on your nose!

I'm sorry! Here, you can just have a treat from my hand now. She's not used to living out in the snow so I bet these feet are getting cold from the snow...

I know! These guys have really cool feet. They have a lot of bare pad, and they walk on all of their foot, similar to humans.

So I'm just gonna warm her up a little bit. Aww I know, cuddles. This spot looks really interesting; she can get down to the dirt.

Let's see if she wants to check that out. What do you think, Lollipop, does that smell good? Who has been there?

A squirrel, or a chipmunk? We do have native skunks that come around our house a lot, and their primary source of food right now is mice, and there's been a boom in mice lately. And so we've had a population boom in skunks as well.

So, I wonder if she is smelling any wild skunks that have been around. You can see by her behavior that she's, she's quite a calm animal, and skunks generally have this personality where they're just kinda... going through life, taking it easy, taking it all in in a calm fashion. Until someone comes along that wants to maybe eat them, then they put on all their defensive displays.

But most of the time, they are just discovering their world with their nose, looking for food. And, uh, that's really the whole agenda for skunks. And it's kind of interesting how people think that skunks are really terrifying, because, really, they just want to eat.

Alright, Lollipop is starting to shiver a little bit, she's still actively wanting to eat and explore things, but I don't want her to get too cold, so I'm gonna go ahead and cut the adventure here. Alright, let's head back inside and warm up. I hope you guys enjoyed going on an adventure with Lollipop and I.

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