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Audiobooks, UK signing, hammers in bushes! Much excitement! I consume a LOT of my books in audio book format so I have a lot of thoughts about how I like it done. Getting the test audio from the narrator was, for me, a bigger moment than seeing the cover or the printed book for the first time. Just so exciting!

Also, when I say "this" ends in death, I think I mean "everything eventually" and not so much "vlogbrothers." Obviously, I am very uncomfortable with the idea that the vlogbrothers channel will end in the death of one of us and I don't know how to feel about that, which is, I guess, a pretty big part of the human experience.

If you find the hammer please let me know so that people will know it's been found. Twitter is probably best!

So happy to be working with Kristen Sieh! While she has been in those TV shows I mentioned, most of her work is in theater, which you can find out about here:

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Good morning, John. I would like to do for you a historic reenactment of the moment when I read the title of your video from last week.

"What a lovely day. I'm not experiencing any sources of broad anxiety. Let's go see if John's uploaded his video."

[reads John's title "How Does This End?" and groans]

I'm fine now. I mean, how does this all end? It ends in death, John. You gave me a whole word for it that I forgot. It's going to bug me, so I'm going to text you.

"What's the philosophical word for death and talking about death that you use sometimes?"

I mean, the translation algorithms are getting so good now.

You know John. He'll write back. He knows what I mean.

First of all, survey results say people are cool with us taking three weeks of vacation. I don't know how I'm going to do that. I'm not really set up for that in my mind, there being space for flexibility, I don't know if that's good for me. I need to know exactly what I have to do. So I think that I'm going to schedule my vacation days very far in advance to not give myself the possibility that, 'Oh, maybe it's going to be this week if I don't have any good ideas.' No! I need the pressure.

John, I think it's interesting that you were, like, 'how do we get a little bit of vacation?' Whereas I have spent the last three weeks being, like, 'I think I need to upload a video about donuts on Hank's channel.' 'What about the FDA's new nutritional label requirements? I think I need to weigh in on that.'

'Eschatology'--there's my big bro--'is the word you're thinking about, but it's the whole human apocalypse, not just individual death. Eschatological anxiety is fear of apocalyptic events.' Oh. But that stands. How is this going to end? You know, it will eventually. But I have a lot more to talk about today.

For example, the fact that I have just left this hammer that I hit a router with on the floor for that long. I have a problem with tidying up. Does anyone want this hammer? I'm going to hide it in the bushes by the Big Dipper Ice Cream Shop and if you come by, it'll be there. Okay.

John, I'm almost done signing pieces of paper and the pieces of paper they gave me for the UK editions of my book were different and had a weird, cool stop-motion effect when I sped up the video. Each page is a little bit different and the Carls fade in and out and at one point one of them blinks. Whoever at Orion, which is my UK publisher, thought of that, that's amazing and I did not expect that to work that well when you told me you were doing it. I was like, "Yeah, probably won't look as...," but it looks so cool!

Now, John, you just won't stop texting me about various death things.

I also, John, have an audio book narrator. I almost wish I had been less involved, because it gave me so much anxiety. They were all so good, all of the people we had to choose from. But ultimately, it was very subjective. It was the person, when I was listening to it, I felt like I was listening to April. Gave me those goosebumps. Made me feel like the person I created was talking to me. Which was both, like, beautiful and emotional, but also was, like, a little upsetting, like, kind of uncanny.

But the narrator of my audio book--there's actually two of them--the main one is Kristen Sieh. She was in "Orange Is the New Black," "The Blacklist," "House of Cards." The other narrator of my audio book. So there is a point in the book, a switching of perspectives for one chapter, and I will be doing that chapter. And so I feel very good about this happening and I cannot wait to start getting into the weeds of getting the audio book made.

And, John, finally, to cap off this video, the comments that people left on your video after you said this

[John Green: "What do you get out of Vlogbrothers videos?"]

were just so life-giving to me. I'll know forever that if I need a little "lift me up," a little "kick me in the pants," I can go to the comments of that video and just read a little bit. So thanks, John. And thanks everybody who left those comments. It means a huge amount.

John, I'll see you on Tuesday.