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In which Hank talks about signings and photo lines and how we at VidCon do our best to make sure the most people have the best time possible.

See you in a couple weeks!
Everyone in the world has someone they'd like to get a selfie with even if they don't know what a selfie is. But at VidCon with tons of people and a lot of creators at the top of peoples bucket lists, there are always going to be some people who don't get to meet all the people they wanna meet.

We at VidCon consider this to be and non-ideal situation so we do our best to minimize it; let's talk about how we do that.

First of all there are simply situations when a creator cannot stop to say hi or take a picture as much as that sucks for everybody in that situation. The Hilton hotel specifically is a place that we have set up to be more of a refuge for creators so that they can go there recharge, be in a safe space where they can be by themselves. 'Cause some people need that.

And here's me just being totally open from my perspective if I'm walking to a place that I need to be and somebody asks me for a picture, probably, I could take that picture and it would be fine and i won't be late for the thing that I'm gonna be at. But in the time that it took to get that picture there will be 6 more people who will also want the picture and those six people I take their selfies with them and then there's 20 people and now I really do have to go and I'm disappointing 20 people instead of one person and I feel bad, they're like well why didn't I, you just did it with all those, why didn't, what about me, what makes me different from them.

so just respect that if a person looks like they're headed somewhere it's probably because they're headed somewhere they they need to be. Especially if they're with a VidCon staff person who is escorting them, that literally means we are taking them to a place they have committed to be. So note that.

Some creators do do pop-up signing lines, like they'll just walk out and they'll just be around in the Anaheim Convention Center, or outside, and they'll just sign for people. Especially people who don't have massive, massive audiences. This is fine, We're fine with this as long as it doesn't get so clumpy it's blocking traffic or starting to look like it might be a dangerous situation. If those things happen then VidCon staff or security will take the creator and the clump of people and they will go into the signing hall; which is where the majority of signing and picture taking happens. Yes we have an entire hall just for signing. It's a very big room.

Over the past couple of years at VidCon we've actually done a little bit of research and like science  to figure out what we think is the best possible way that the maximum number of people have the best experience possible. Let's talk about that.

This year we will have 2 different types of signings the traditional signing: which involves an actual signing and a photo line: which does not involve a signing. We have 2 types because different creators will do 2 different things and different fans wanna get different things, and, you can't, it's really hard to do a signing and a photo. So they're 2 separate things.

We've noticed over the years that every creator has a different strategy for what they wanna do with their community. Some wanna meet the maximum number of people and so they move pretty quickly per person. Others what to make sure they have the most significant interaction they can have and so the line moves more slowly and they we see a total of fewer people.

Son what we do is we just, we look and we see how many people per minute the creator is seeing, and then we extrapolate that out to the length of their signing line which can be anywhere from 2 to 6 hours then we count that number of people and then we, when we hit that number of people we say everyone behind this person you're not gonna, sorry, but this is better, trust me than getting all the way to the front of the line and then having them walk away and you spending 8 hours standing there for no reason. That's the one unacceptable situation that we do everything in our power to avoid.

So yes that is the biggest bummer when you're the person after the cut off, but we're doing that for you to save your time and your frustration. There's no other way to do it.

That being said, being in the line beyond the cut off is not a guarantee. Sometime things start moving extra slow. Sometimes a creator will start having a panic attack and they'll have to go be alone and by themselves for a little while and that could slow things down. It's an imperfect science, we do our best. We really do.

Photos! If you're in a photo line, we have determined again using science that if you use your own phone to take the picture and, I know this would be preferable, that 60 percent, 60 percent fewer people will get to actually get a picture as compared to if there's a professional photographer snapping the pictures. This is just because you hand your phone to your friend and your friend doesn't know how to work your phone. And it's got, it's on reverse, Oh it's a movie, Oh no!
We've watched it and we know that it's better to have a professional photographer.

This is annoying of course because you can't then immediately Instagram your picture. And we would prefer to have you immediately Instagram your picture. So the photographer will give you a card, which will have instructions on it, which will take you to a place where you can download your picture, we think, ideally, within a half an hour of the picture being taken.

Possibly it'll take a little longer than that, but that's the goal.

So that's our basic strategy. We're looking at first come first serve mixed with some strategies to make sure that people don't wait, and then not get, a picture. And some strategies to make sure that things move as quickly as possible.

Some lines can be very, very long, it's okay to tell your friend to save a spot for you so that you can go to the bathroom or get some food, get some fresh air.

Just don't forget to take care of yourself; drink liquids, eat foods, go to the bathroom. And uh, hang out have a good time, if your phone runs out of batteries we're including a deck of playing cards in your VidCon kit, so you can play card games. Analog gaming no batteries required.

Thank you for your understanding and for checking this out, to be a little more prepared for VidCon which I'm very excited about. I will see you soon.