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A VERY LONG EPISODE in which Hank and Katherine approach the chamber of secrets with Gilbert Gottfried (?)
Hank: Hello, and welcome to Hank and Katherine Play LEGO Harry Potter! Cut scene!

Hank (mimicking characters on screen): Hee hee hee, smarmy smarmy.

Hank: Yes, you deserve it. Oh, are those two like, buds?  

Katherine: I don't know. Wierd.

H (muttering): hehehe the Chamber of Secrets!

K: It's this-a-way!

H: hehehehe the Chamber of Secrets!

K: This way to the basilisk! I am Gilbert Gottfried! Gilbert Gottfried?

H (laughing): Gilbert Gottfried!

K: I am Loderoy Gildhart!

H: WHAT! Haha, that was my Gilbert Gottfried voice, was that good? WHAT 

K (laughing): I don't think so

H (in same voice): PARTIALLY ENAMORED!

H (speaking normally): No, not even close?

K: What is that...what? What? Wait. Wait a second, okay. Here we go, let me remember how this works.

H (Gilbert voice): HUH?

H (speaking normally): I'm really bad at voices.

K: Pushing the button. Jumping?

H: Jump? I don't remember how to work. Uh, so, last time on Hank and Katherine Play LEGO Harry Potter we beat up some spiders, um, except mostly they beat us up. And, I don't know what we're supposed to be doing. 'Cause there's no ghost bolts. Katherine, where are the ghost bolts?

K: Well, there's the ghost.

H: There's a ghost! There he is, poopin' 'em out! Poop out them ghost bolts.

K: I don't think we're...we're not getting...

H: We are so bad at this. Uh, and you, our devoted commenters, were like "You guys are not very good at this game.". Katherine, do you have anything to say to them? 

K (laughing softly):
H: Suck it??

K: 'Cause...

H: Suck...suck it? Oooh! I make all the books fall over! Wait, well I'm on Incarcerus, that's useless

K: We're not really be good

H: We're not playing for "goodness" sake.

K: We're playing to have fun.

H: We're not playing, for goodness sake!

K: And to be...entertaining, hopefully.

H: Well, you have to be louder than that if you want to be entertaining. AAH, Mandrake!

K: Well, sometimes I'm loud and people complain about that so, you're just...

H: Do they?? Do they say "Katherine, you're so loud!"

K: "I can't watch these, you're so loud!"

H: You know what, you know what your computer has?

K (laughing): Yeah!

H: This fascinating and excellent volume knobby. What are we doing?

K: So, someone told me you can like...

H: Kill people by levitating them?

K: You them!

H: Levitate their arms off? Ohh, lookit, you're spinning him! What are you doing?

K: See, see this? This is what we needed to be doing!


H: Did that...

K: That was what we needed to be doing to those spiders.

H: That person, Katherine, that person never landed.

K: I know, hehehehe.

H: You killed him to death. (2:30)