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Sometimes words can be hard to say.

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CC Kids:
Over the last 52 weeks, I've enjoyed sharing with you my fascination with biology. If you've been through it with us, you've now got yourself a pretty deep and complex understanding of how w...

Over the last 52 weeks, I've enjoyed sharing with you my fia... fiascination?

Over the last 52 weeks, I've enjoyed sharing wi...

Over the last 52 weeks, I've enjoyed sharing you...

One more. One more. And this one's gonna be good.

to the ecosystems that make the entire...

The answers to all of these questions except for the last two will be contained within the n...

I guarantu you... guarantu?

Captain John Mullan... that's all I had.

Chemistry holds the secrets to how furf...?

tiny discrete particles that have specific properties depending on the arrangement of these simple, subatomic particles... of three.

About 1800 times less massive than the proton or neutr... oops.


79 protons, always gold... Something else?

Ahhh, Jeep. [off screen] Jeep!

One of the three major types of al...

as a whole, and they almost always just sit aro... sit around?

the elements are chemically pure... substance... frickety. I can do it.

And the type... And the type of element an atom is is determined b... I'm so close.

Just like we made up volts and Newton... Newto... Fig Newtons.

Now the fact that I find fi... what?

that there were fundamental, basic units beneath it all. Uhhh.

So the car could have been going 59.87393039... frick. [laughs]

And most of that coal is mined here in the US. That's a loud truck.

And most of that is mined here in the US. And that is the same truck. It just turned around and went that way.

These are the digits on your... [gibberish]

because only that first number had...

and your father, who was a professor, had gone blind. leaving your family more of... so close.

At the beginning of the list...

But not you. But not you. But not you. But not you.

Where's my periodic table? Oh, there are.

with those elements wrapping around from side... [gibberish]

While Mendeleev's table looks more like a wall... what?

I guess... I guess they didn... I guess they didn... I guess they didn't have paper craft back then, because I... I guess they didn't have paper craft back then; I am a huge family... family? What?

Most of that coal is mu... murned.

It's a fine parlor trick maybe for helping little babies or women understand the work you d... where is my accent going?



Just like...

Just like the eight notes of the chromatic scale.

What's a chromatic scale, then?

What scale do I want, then?

are the eight electrons referred to in the octet rule, that is... [coughs]

just like a musical scale...

My lips are getting cold.

God, how many textile services trucks are there in Missoula?


But the base notes, deep and rich, uhhh...

to remove an electron from the next shell d...

isoelectrically analogous to a noble gas, and that's kinda the point, is to be electrically the same... elec... tronic... having a hard time.

orbital to achieve a stable two- or eight-electron shell...

1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 7s... and also 6.

harmonies in the fabric of the univerth... [off screen, laughing] Univerth! [Hank] How many ith the fabric of the univerth?

since the dual nature of electrons as particles and waves and I... what?

At any given moment, the electron can be anywhere within the fun... that's just bad punctuation.

For example, chemistry will be happy to tell me that the ext... [gibberish]

*salt packet shaking* [off screen] Oh my god, that sounds really good! [laughs]

The real coin of the realm when it comes to measuring stuff in chemistry is balls.

The average atomic mass of all the naturally occurring... curling? Naturally occurring? No!

The average atomic mass of all of the naturally occurring...

Uhhh! Fail.

As it was called, [gibberish]

By definition, a mole is the number of units of anything that there are in atoms of grams of carbon of bam.

A mole is the number of units of anything as there are atoms of gahhh.

hydrogen peroxide, and it can be used as a bleach too. But its only components are hydrogen and water. Nope!

The electrolytes are the thing... [gibberish]

What Arrhenius discovered was that water simply dissolves certain substrates.. stubsan, stubsan, stubsans.

and it's expressed as the number of moles in a solute in a kilogram of... I just fell off my chair.

Molality refers to moles per unit pass, and molarity refuls.... [gibberish]

The script was edited by Blake de Pastino, and our chemistry consultant was Doctoh Heiko... Doctoh? I do that every time! [off screen] Every time.

and our chemistry consultant is Doctoh Heik... Doctoh!

and our chemistry consultant is Doctoh Heiker La... [bleep] Doctoh Heiker! Doctoh Heiker!

Crash Course Chemistry is filmed, edited, and directed by Nick Jenkins, ou... [laughs]

filmed, directed, and edited by Nick Jenkins, our sound designer is Michael Aranda...

Michael Aranda is our [bleep] [laughing off screen]

Our director, cinematographer, and editor is Nicholas Jenksin... Jenksins...

scriptu... script supervisor!

script supervi... script supervisor! Damn you, Caitlin!

Katherine Green was our script supervisor, and our graphics team is Thought Café. And I did it on the first try.

[outro music]

Is that okay?