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In which John talks about the taking and sending of naked pictures. The Swoodilypoopers take on Brighton.

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Hello and welcome to hankgames without Hank. My name is John Green, and as you can see, the Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers are all the way up to 5th, and only... Actually, we're 9 points out of first. We got a long way to go to catch Sunderland. We're taking on Brighton & Hove Albion today, one of my favorite teams in the Championship. I wish them all of the best, except today. They've got a guy named Greer Greer on their team. That's promising. We have Leroy Williamson and John Green up front, as well as Fireball Wilson Groberts and A Judge out on the wings for us today. Our defense is inkered, anchored... Inkered? Inkered. Anchored. Inkered. Anchored. Oh! By Ginger McShane.

My wife might go into labor at any moment, said past me. Future me, of course, is in a totally different situation. So if I stop in the middle of this video, you'll know why. I'm going to talk today about nudes, specifically the business of sending the naked pictures to the people on the internet.

Oh, get it! Off the post! Everything is disappointment!

Sorry. I'm gonna talk about nudes and the sending of naked pictures to people you know on the internet. This is like a, this not a new phenomenon. So I grew up, I grew up on the internet. When I was in high school was 1994, I guess, and it was very hard to send images in 1994 because the internet was slow. But it was mostly hard to send images because you didn't have any digital pictures of yourself. Digital cameras at the time were, like, insanely expensive, like ten thousand dollars and...

What did I get a yellow card for? Maybe they're just showcasing how great McCormack is? I don't know.

Digital cameras at the time were ten thousand dollars, there were no real scanners and if there had been, like, it was, you know, extremely inefficient to send pictures. So you didn't send pictures but there was still, you know, quite a bit of, like, in my days of the internet, in high school, like, quite a bit of sort of, like, online dating, some of which was, you know, sort of sexualized and some of which wasn't.