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Duh guys,

I'm at Vidcon and I got to hang with a bunch of awesome people including:
and most importantly, lots of Beardlovers and WheezyNewers. So good to meet all of you.

But best of all, I got to hang out with Chyna.

Also, have you checked out the new App from WheezySoup?

And you can play me using this email:

Duh guys.

(Singsong voice) It's time for Wheezy's daily vlog!  Oooh!  

This is our new apartment.  What do you guys think?  We have a lot of roommates.

Chyna: Yeah.

Craig: No, we're in the airport, going to VidCon. Duh, guys!

Chyna: Duh, guys!

Craig: Duhhh!  Oh, duh!

And we are on an airplane.  Today is going to be extremely crazy, wheezydoozers. I have to run around at VidCon and shoot video for my main stage performance.  Hopefuly I remember to shoot video for this as well.  We'll see.  Hey, check out the view!  Cloudy!

Check it out, we're from Illinois so we don't get to see this very often.  I believe they're called Moun-tanes.  

We made it!  We're in our room!  And I'm so hungry!  And there's a view of Disney World and there's roller coasters over there!  People are having fun!  How can you have so much fun when I'm so hungry?

How are you feeling?

Chyna: Hungry.

Craig: Yeah?

Chyna: Yup!

Craig: Good.  That means we can eat together. What's in there?

Chyna: Nothing.

Craig: Is it another door?

Chyna: Yeah.

Craig: To another room.

Chyna: There's a window there, I thought it might be a weird balcony, I don't know a (?~1:20) weird something.

So I forgot my contacts.  Guess I'm wearing my glasses all throughout VidCon.  I wonder how many people are gonna stop me and think that I'm  Vsauce.  This jerk just started shooting video of me, so I'm shooting video of him.  

John: Hi!

Craig: Hi!

John: How's it going?

Craig: Good.

John: Is this for uh- Is this for the daily vlog?

Craig: Yes.

John: Wow, am I playing the role of Chyna today?

Chyna: Yeah.

John: I come in about, like a minute and thirty seconds into the video.

Chyna: And are never seen again?

John: I draw all the views.

Craig: Yeah.

John: Yeah, perfect!

Hank: My wife would name it "Hot Girl eats potato!"  


Craig: That's what this one is gonna be called.


Hot girl eats potato.  

John: Because the truth is that it draws views like hot girls eating potatoes.

Craig: There's this guy that if I point the camera at him he's just on immediately.  

Shay Carl: I love when the coffee's done.  It's water.  That was a joke, I'm acting.  Look who it is.

Jack and Finn: (British accent) Hello!  

Craig: It's Jack and Finn!  Yes it is.

I'm fangirling right now.  Hey, it's Corey!  Hey, we're driving a giant truck!

Corey Vidal: Hey, and we didn't even ask permission.

Craig: No.  Who's truck is this?

Corey: This is Shay Carl's truck.  

Craig:Oh I'm glad we're not uh, stealing it.

Corey: Well, we are.  He left it in a place that he shouldn't have left it.  

Craig: Yeah?

Corey: And we're driving to him.

Craig: Yeah?  

Corey: And it only made sense to take his truck.  

Craig: Yeah, yeah.  We're in the middle of shooting my main-stage video.   Uh, guys, I'm really tired.  Guys, I'm just gonna complain to you. (Corey mutters) Okay? Corey, quiet, I'm trying to complain over here.  

(Long, exasperated sigh) It's just, I need a nap.  Okay, you can talk.  


Corey: Hey!  Yeah!  Oh, there we go.  It's the force!  Ever do that?  Use the force?

Craig: I have.  I used to be a Jedi.  

Corey: Wh-what are you now?  

Craig: I just don't do it anymore.

Corey: Ex-Jedi? 

Craig: Yeah.  

Corey: Weird.  Why would you s-- why?  why?

Craig: Ehh, the pressure, it got to me.  

Corey: Why?

Craig: The pressure!  Everyone's always like Hey! Hey! Can you "Jedi" this for me? 

Corey: WHY? WHY?  WHY?

Craig: Can you "Jedi" that for me?  

Corey: Craig!

Craig: Hey, guys!  Shaytard's here, we're shooting a WheezyWaiter video and look at all my kids!  'Kay, come here, girls! Look at all these kids!  When are you gonna have a kid?  We're gonna get that Chyna pregnant.  Can you hold on tight please?

Craig: Alright.  I'm cuttin'.  I'm cutting.  We're shooting some serious video here.  Serious. 

Shay Carl: 'Kay, right after I throw you on the bed say "Dad, that was fun!"  'Kay ready?  'Kay, lay down.  Ready?  Ready, Carl?

(?): Yup!  

Shay Carl: Say "Dad, that was fun!"  You ready? Okay one more time.  

Craig: I got food!  Oh, and this guy!  What's your name?  

Rolan: Rolan.

Craig: Rolan?  Nice to meet you.  I'm at a party.  I'm at a party.  I'm not having any fun though, this is lame.  And that's today.  

It's uh, it's a busy day.  I'm very sleepy, guys.  VidCon. (whispers) It's a crazy time.  Crazy time.  Be careful.