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In which Hank and Katherine fight some more dementors and save Sirius Black.

Hank (H): Hello and welcome to "Hank and Katherine Play LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4." Katherine just found a snake.

Katherine (K): Always finding snakes in unlikely places.

H: Maybe I need to talk to the snake about..what's up. Because it's my job, I talk to snakes.

K: No, that' that's that kind of snake.

H: No, I don't think it is, I think it..what?

K: What just happened?

H: Did I just die? I did, I just died

K: You did just...fall off of the edge.

H: So, just know, for future reference...

K: That you have to...yeah. 'Cause it's far down there, but you're like, way up in the air, man.

H: Way up in the air, man.

K: Okay, so are we in the great hall? At the very top, tippity top?

H: Are we up..upstairs in the great hall?

K: Okay, I'm still doing stuff back here!

H: I'm also doing stuff!

K: It makes it very difficult, when you go away, for me to achieve anything in the...ahhh you son of a...

H: I went out the door 'cause I was trying to go do more stuff in this 8 square foot area.

K: Yeah, well, I'm just sayin'.

H: Oh, it goes over here. It goes over here. Bring it over here. See the little purple thing in front of me.

K: Yeah. I see it.

H: I couldn't figure out wha...where it went.

K: Aaaand then what does this do? Okay, what's that? Is that a pixie? That the pixie?

H: It's a pixie.

K: It's a pixie, I have to shoot it?

H: Oh jeez, what the frick!? I was carrying a thing. Why?

K: Yeah. It's probably best if you don't carry anything. Huh! Okay.

H: I was..but I had to!

K: Have I..have I have enough space?

H: It was the torch. You keep go, keep go.

K: I can keep go?

H: Yeah

K: Okay. Ahhhh!

H: That went a long way, like I'm gonna do right now, weeeeee! Okay, right, put that over here.

K: Okay, okay I need the right spell on first.

H: Yes. You are the pixie death.

K: Euhhhh! Heavier than it looks. I don't know why sometimes it's hard, okay.

H: Alright, I made it, I got one of these for you.

K: Ye-aah that's right bishh, I'm gonna go across that thing.

H: I'm just gonna make this jump.

K: Nope!

H: Nope. You're gonna make this for me! Aww jeez!

K: (laughs) You suck.

H: On the wall, Harry, on the wall.

K: Oh god, those spiders are really good at makin' webs, man.

H: You know it. That's their job. What's this thing?

K: I don't know. Doin' a dance! (singing) doo doo doooo! dododododo!

H: Stick out your little LEGO hips, Hermione.

K: Aw what's got a thing. What are you supposed to put a key in there or something?

H: I don't know. But I don't know that we can, I don't know that we have...

K: Is there not a key back...oh there was a, um, there's like a chest back there we couldn't open.

H: Oh, okay. Oh, there's so many chests I can't open. Ahhhhhh!

K: Oh, there's Dementors!

H: Ah.

K: Oh look at these gargles.

H: Death to you, now!

K: Ahhhh! Oh, thank you for saving me, Harry Potter. I don't...I do not like...

H: No problem, young lady.

K: I do not like Dementors. Hey, I found a snake!

H: I see, I see a rhinopsicle. Up in this tree.

K: I found a snake horn.

H: Snake horn!

K Snake horn. That is not the right word.

H: Okay we've gotta..okay we need a rhinopsicle, bone, and the other thing you already got.

K: Yeah, I got it, the snake horn.

H: So where is the bone? Hello, bone. Alright, you made that.

K: I think I made an ax to chop this tree down.

H: Chop it! Chop it!

K: I don't like to chop things down.

H: Just a...just a little bit of it.

K: Oh, there's your rhinopsicle.

H: Yeah, you chopp...that's where it was.

K: Put it in! Uhh! (laughs)

H: (laughs)

K: What the frick is this crap?

H: Stupid game mechanics! Don't you unders..oh oh nope, wrong way.

K: Down here, honey.

H: Yes there is a...there is a...weeee! Okay, well, look before you leap. Uh.

K: Or just leap, you know, whatever.

H: Ehh, whoa, okay he needs to go up there to be a perchy bird.

K: Wooah!

H: I broke your break.

K: Hello, bookshelf!

H: And there's a Hermione shelf in there. There's something right to your right, here, too.

K: I know, I know. Don't...

H: Yeah! What do you mean don't!? You wanted that! You wanted the...

K: I did but I wanted to see what I needed to do, at the same time. Skeleton!

H: Oh, skeleton hand...I'm just gonna go up here.

K: You okay, person? Is that Mrs. Trelawny?

H: Are you okay? Let me shoot you again to make sure.

K: Well I don't know, maybe she needed a good shooting.

H: Yes, she just needed to be whapped.

K: Yeah, whacked out of her...

H: Stupor.

K: Yeah. Stupid stupor.

H: Her stupidness.

K: It's a good thing I can climb with this bone in my hand.

H: It is a good thing, otherwise this game would be unbeatable. Oh that's where the thing is, so you do that, and I'm gonna take a drink at the...sorry!

K: Why did you just Patronus?

H: What the frick?

K: See, sometimes

H: Sometimes

K: Sometimes

H: Sometimes

K: It doesn't want to do it.

H: I've got the buh..the beef! Harry Potter's got the beef!

K: (singing) Got the buh, the beef!

H: buhbuhbuhbuhbuhbuhbuh beef!

K: Wow, you needed the beef to build that bridge.

H: Yeah, I did that with my arms.

K: Beef built bridge.

H: The bridge that beef built. Ah! Ahh! No, I hit the button, I hit the button, I hit the button! Jeez, if you didn't have to wind up so much.

K: I know, you do have to wind up. You really gotta focus when you're doing that.

H: You do.

K: Wait, is there...ohhh...well I thought...

H: Oh, I didn't know I was going somewhere, and it was a cut-scene and it ohh noo Pipple!

K: Ohh noo Pipple! I don't like the Pipple hanging down out of the cloak. It's not my favorite part. No, I'm running away!

H: Wha..are you a special Dementor?

K: Ahhh! You deal with those guys, I'm gonna do something else! I burnt...I burnt a thing?

H: Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!

K: Oh my god I was being sucked in!

H: Oh but you hit him with it.

K: I did not. I did not hit him with nothing.

H: Well he got a plunger in the face. So that's good.

K: Well maybe he..maybe he sucks...

H: He sucked the plunger into his face. Oh god there's so many! Oh, there's so many now.

K: Uhh, I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing. But I...

H: Oh, I'm being sucked. Getting my balls

K: I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing here but I feel like I am not doing it.

H: Noooo! Nooo. He needs to suck us in and then...

K: I tried it twice!

H: I did too. I also turned into ice. Ahhhh! Okay, he's only got one more!

K: Yeah!

H: One more fart.

K: Alright, wait. Oh there we go. Okay, now turn it over.

H: The part where you, uh...

K: The plunger comes out..

H: Where you just, like, stood there, oh I just got killed. While that thing shot fire through your face? That was pretty impressive.

K: Oh yeah. No, I'm good. I like fire. Fire is better than Dementor cold.

H: Yeah, it keeps us warm. Ah, ehh!

K: We need the fire.

H: Oh my god there's so many Dementors, man.

K: Run around, man, you gotta just run around, just keep around from 'em.

H: They're so fast! They're faster than me.

K: I know, I don't know. I don't know, I, I have no defense. So. I just have to keep running around.

H: And sometimes I can do the thing really fast but sometimes I can't. Okay, you're dead now. Alright, suck that..awww he made us into icicle cubes again. Nice spin. Yeah, get a plunger in your face!

K: Yeah, you gonna get a plunger in your face! Come on, Sirius, man, it's time to get out of this thing, we brought a...we brought you an escape vehicle!

H: We brought you a Buckbeak for work, to make on, to go bye!

K: Come on, get on this escape vehicle and make your escape! I suggest...

H: (mumbles in a funny voice)

K: Yee-haw! I will see you!

H: Ehhh? Ah we were just...we're's cool, it's just we live in a magic place.

K: Clearly.

H: Ohohohoh well done young people!

K: I salute you, young people!

H: I salute your nut-bucket. Thank you for watching this episode of "Hank and Katherine Play LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4." My name is Hank...

K: And I am Katherine.

H: Uh, you will not see us next time, and we will not see you either.

K: Ahhh!

H: I can't believe we got 98% True Wizard

K: Euhhh!

H: (Laughs) She's clutching her heart, as if her heart hurts really bad from not getting True Wizard.

K: It does hurt.

H: There's an annotation in the top right hand side if you wanna watch the next one, but, will hear us. Goodbye.

K: Goodbye.