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In which Sabrina tries really hard (again) to say things and doesn't really succeed. We'll be back next week with episodes about Wind Currents!

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Producer & Editor: Nicholas Jenkins
Cinematographer & Director: Michael Aranda
Host: Sabrina Cruz
Script Supervisor: Mickie Halpern
Writer: Kay Boatner
Executive Producers: John & Hank Green
Consultant: Shelby Alinsky
Script Editor: Blake de Pastino

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Sabrina: As any good gamer knows, it takes the right move to win. One wrong move and 'poof'! A (babbling and laughter)

(Tongue noises)

Good? Incredulous enough? Need more incredul?

Swee! (laughter) My arms forgot how to do things.

And plants have organs, too! True fact. (plegh)

Plants need some other things for photosynthesis, like water and air... Fosothisesis. Fosothisesis.

And of course, in addition to light, plants need some other things for photothhhthathathatha.

Fosthinsesis. Fosothisesis.

For example: plants use nutrients to make the chlorophyll in their leaves that they use for photosynthesis. Fotosynthesis.

They've come to elalalala. It's too slow. Waaaa.

They also hold up leaves so that they can patch as much shlight as possible.

And the seed itself provides enough - And the s - And the seed itself provides enough - Ellla plop plop.

That good? That looking comfortable enough?

Boom Boom! (laughs) I should not talk while I'm doing that. Pew Pew!

He's the astronaut who dropped the feather and the hammer on the moon back in 1971. (nasally) 71. I had a clogged nose at the end of that.


I mentioned last time that er-- Oh wow I can't pronounce the word mentioned.

Did I do it again? I think I did. Support. Support. Support.

(drumming on the desk)

--in relatively small amounts. On our planet. Nailed it, good.

This line graph shows just how much our dependence. on. the river. has grown.

I you're like me, you know what your per-- oh, that's the wrong part (sings) doodly do do do-do.

Specifically, who wants it to be a hundred degrees outside, are you cray cray? (laughs)

The weather isn't the all a rover (tongue noises)

And together they determine what the weather is like from one minute. and from one place. to the neeeext. Nailed it.

Think of the weather as being like that one friend of yours who could never make up their mind about which movie they want to see but or what--- eh papapapapapa

But... (sings) Do you want to build a snowman! (laughs) Did it!

Even if it's weather on certain given dat-- rough.

More extreme. (gruffly) Extreme! but whahahah

Tornadoes... tornadoes. (laughs)

Tornadoes, blizzards, hurricanes, floods and droughts are other forms of sewere... wow.

Tornadoes... woooooow why can I not pronounce tornadoes?

Severe weather... (squeaky) oh. Oh no. (laughs) That was not good.

And fewer plants means less food for animals like deer and elk that feast (groggy) on them. Nice, nailed that. Good job me.

Like what if we tried to cross-- Like what if we tried to car-- what if we tried to cross a gorge by hanging a talalalala. (gibberish)

Nailed it. (scatting) Good yeah, good.


When they're looking at and testing solutions to a problem. YES!

What if I forget something that I learned in cra-- Sabrina's awesome a-da-ba-rah... (laughs) Don't ask yourself that.

For example, this is urg-- urgemy, hmmm.

There's no dirt in a hole! HA! Womp womp (nerdy laugh)

(whispers) Done.

Crew: What are you waiting for!

Sabrina: (laughs) I did it.