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HI YOUTUBE. Where've we been? We're working on big things! Longer videos! A PODCAST! Secret projects! GAAAAH

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Emily: Hi YouTube! You look nice, it's been a while. Is that a new haircut you got? I like it, um... Where have we been? We have not been canceled, despite some interesting rumors that I've noticed in the comments section of the shoes episode. The Brain Scoop is not canceled, in fact we're gonna have a new episode for you tomorrow, this doesn't count, this is just me sitting in my office and babbling on.

E: I wanted to give you guys some updates on what we're working on, so, one, episode tomorrow, so stay tuned for that. Two, we got so many good thoughtful responses to the survey that we issued at the end of last year so thank you to everybody who took the time to respond. We did some soul-searching after reading through all of those responses and we've decided to change the way that we're making content a little bit. We want to experiment with longer content, we want to do more involved videos...

E: And so that's one of the big things that we've been working on, a multi-interview, multi-part, bigger picture kind of video that has a dissection in it, so that's exciting... for those of you that like the blood and guts. For those that don't we will have the grossometer in there so don't worry. But that video will be out in a couple of weeks, it just takes a lot of work to put it all together, but I'm really really really excited about it.

E: Also based off the feedback in the survey we decided to take a harder look at natural news from the field museum and try to figure out what is it we're actually trying to do. We're trying to share science news stories from this institution and trying to do it in a way that, you know, helps people understand that museums are places of activity and we are-- we know that, and I think there's a better way that we can go about, you know, sharing a lot of those stories and messages, so I-- we're gonna, we're gonna experiment with a podcast instead and see  if that-- see if that works out. Hopefully it will, and you can know when we launch that because we're also starting a newsletter, so if you want email updates from us when we have new content, new videos, or the podcast, or new merchandise, or, or, interesting links to cool science articles, then you should click in the link in the video description and you can sign up for our newsletter.

E: What else? I think maybe that was everything. I have a hard time focusing for long periods of time, it's already been two minutes 27 seconds. Oof, okay, I think that was-- I think that was all. We have an episode tomorrow, we're working on longer episodes, and then you should sign up for our newsletter. Okay, I think that was everything. I love you! *whispered* It still has brains on it. Bye!