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Philosophy is hard, but sometimes saying words correctly is harder.

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-or maybe I think briefly about making one of those quinoa breakfast bowls that are so hip right now, but my lazy temperament, or my belief that I'm running late pushes me to choose the 90 minutes in the microwave option.

[Hank and crew laughing] 

[offstage] Wow!


(Crash Course Philosophy Intro)

But when you think about it, the issue of who is who, isn't really that much more clear cut in real life. 


who is who, hah! 

[continues like a bird] hah! hah!

So then there's contemporary Australian morophilosopher,

[in a funny voice] morophilosopher.

Life was like that ep- mm mmn mmmnaahhh!

[in monotone] I am my own lies. 

Certain points to make the chainmail. 

[crew laughs]

I don't- I don't understand what this means. 

Well, you'd still meanba- you'd still meebaberba. 

Not only that, you might say Batman is the very essence of Batman.


But this principle says that if an- that pppt. 

pppt. pppt. pppt. pppt. pppt. pppt. 

There's a way to say it, but I'm no gonna get there. 

As you osteoblasts are continuously- 

[offstage] And scientists in the audience are like 'Ah ha!'

[Hank laughs] Did you say osteoblasts? I'm here! I'm here!


Oedipus killed a stranger in a fit of rage, who turned out to be the- ... something 

To get up off the couuuch? Cowwwch. 

After Bruce Wayne was reported dead-de-deh.

So if you look at the bundle that is me, now, compared to the bundle that my mom and dad brought home from the hospital, they'd be (incoherent noise).

[offstage] Right! 

That was a whole, that's a whole new problem. 

I've nev- I feel like I've never had that particular problem before. 


[offstage] Uh oh!


It says that personal identity persists over time, because you remain in the same body from birth to death. 

Bibibirth thhto death. 


Rrrrrww, rrw, rrw. 

It would mean that fully rational, healthy, functioning adult humans might not have personhood, just because no one happens to care about them.

[awkward pause]

Except themselllvvvves???

[offstage] But if you're not a person, yeah, if you're not a person, an you declare personhood on something? 

Ohhhhh, oooh! Then no one's a person!

Mmn, if you start with no one being people, then no one gets to be people. 

But others are convinced that there are some parts of the human body experience that simply can't be boiled down to brains. [softly] don't boil brains. 

To speak English rather thanp. Rather thanbebublehblehbleh 

These five factors are known as the cognitive criteria-(burp)





Think about-(aborted burp)

Two different kinds of stuff (burp). Do that again?

(Crew) Yeah.

But, political libertarians are all about freedom from government informa-- and formation (snickers) Don't tell me information, government!

And next time, we're going to think about these issues some more with some helps from one of my favorites kinds of potential persons. Ah.

My lemonade makes me salivate. (slurps) Ah! (Laughs) Hope we got that one on camera.

(Crew) Yeah!


If you value quality of life, than you don't think there's something inherently valubout-- valublout. (audible breath)

Nor are humans in persisted vege-vege ta-ta-ta-ive

And the same-- (growling noise)


So a 26 week old fetus would have less personhood than a 34 week old fetus which would have less personhood than a newborn baby which would have less personhood than a toddler. Print!

(Crew laughs)

Than the fact is there is no box-- nope. That's not what it says. (snickers)


Hard to deter-- hard d-- hard determinism. Hard determinism. Hard deter-- Hard-- (Laughs)

(Crew laughs)

Don't put that in the outtakes, I'm too embarrassed. (Laughs)

Epicurus argued that nonexistence is not only stupid, but it gets the--

(Crew laughs)

That's not what it says.


I said that wrong.


Nonexistence is stupid! Let's not do it!


(Off camera) You're stupid to not exist. What're you doing?

Stop not existing.