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In which Hank and Katherine collect some important items and practice some skills.
Hank: Hello and welcome to Hank and Katherine play Super Mario Brothers Wii. You may think that, uh, this looks familiar. 
Katherine: It is. 
Hank: That's because we are gonna go ahead and go back through and get some items. 
Katherine: Yes, we are going to get all the items. Yes
Hank: So we've heard what you're saying. 
Katherine: Yes...
Hank: Um, about...
Katherine: It's just that we can not put it into practice. Because...
Hank: About various things. Um, so what we...
Katherine: We record all of these... all at once
Hank: We know about the double ground pound. We've never actually tried that. 
Katherine: I know
Hank: but we know about it
Katherine: Yes. We can maybe try it on that guy. This guy right here. [00:31]