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Hank's tour diary from the very quick, three-day tour he took with Harry and the Potters and Potter Puppet Pals. They're still on tour (and will be for a while) without me, and the show is REALLY REALLY GREAT! Tickets are generally $10 and VERY WORTH IT

The sandwich place was Paseo's in Seattle.

Nicole Georges:

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Crowd: Good morning, John!

Hank Green: (voice-over) I woke up last Wednesday on the floor of the Vera Project after a very, very brief nap. Before that, I was talking to some people about the show I had just played.

Hank: How was the show.
Nerdfighter: The show was awesome!
Hank: Yeah, it was. Hello, stranger playing my guitar. You're a volunteer here, thank you very much for staying this late.
Nerdfighter #2: You're welcome. It was a fun show.
Hank: I played Deathly Hallows five times at this show.
Nerdfighters: Five times. And I played it, too!

Hank: (voice-over) Before that, I was crowd surfing, and then before that, I was playing bass guitar, and before that, I was watching Harry and the Potters rock out. Before that, I was listening to them tell horrible jokes.

Harry and the Potters: Hey, what house did Olivia from the Cosby Show get sorted into? That's so Ravenclaw.

Hank (voice-over): Before that, Kimya Dawson was giving me presents.

Hank: I have accepted your gifts, Kimya Dawson.

Hank (voice-over): But before that, I was playing a show, though I spent most of my time talking during that particular show.

Hank: How is the spit situation?


Thumbs up? Okay, good.


Audience member: It could go either way though.


Hank: It could go either way. It's good. Plenty of spitting. 

Hank (voice-over): Before that, I was in the bathroom, and before that, I was getting ready for the show when Joe DeGeorge made the ET running through the cornfield noise.

Joe DeGeorge: (makes ET running through the cornfield noise)

Hank (voice-over): Before that, I was eating, like, the best sandwich ever.

Paul DeGeorge: That is the best sandwich on the planet as far as I've ever experienced. If there's a better sandwich on planet earth, I want somebody to tell me about it.

Guy: Personally, I was not as impressed. It was all right, but I value structure in my sandwiches.

Paul DeGeorge: No, Booo! No, no, no. The sloppier the better. That's the key.

Girl: That was half of the fun, really. Trying to battle that sandwich.

Guy: Part of what I like about sandwiches is the handheld nature of them.

Girl: You haven't actually told anyone what the sandwich was.

Hank Green: No. They don't need to know. You can't let them know.

Guy: It was a candy sandwich made out of candy and spun sugar and candy gummy worms and Band-Aids.

Hank Green (voice over): Before that, I was purchasing some exceptionally expensive cold brewed Japanese coffee.

Paul DeGeorge: It tastes like a chocolate, almost.

Hank Green (voice-over): Before that, though, I was driving around Seattle. (singing) Before that, I was eating Doritos and before that, I was listening to Joe DeGeorge and Neil Cicierega interpret the E.T. theme. Before that, I was eating Dick's hamburgers.

Voice off camera: Hank Green, stuffing himself with --

Hank Green (voice-over): And before that, I was driving from Olympia to Seattle with the help of Andrew W. K. (singing)

Before that, I was listening to The Harry and the Potters in Olympia, and before that, I was playing my own show in Olympia. And then before that, I was washing down a corn dog with water from an Artesian well, and just before that, I was eating a corn dog.

And before that, I was sleeping in the house of an amazing artist, Nicole Georges, who drew some kind of amazing E.T. on Paula Joe's shirt, and then before that, we were packing up the van.

Before that, we were playing some music in Portland, and you know, before that I was getting off a plane from Missoula and I didn't take any footage of that.

The time I spent in all of those places was so brief and so fast and so intense that I didn't have very many thoughts from them. But now, with a bit of perspective, I have some pretty serious thoughts: That we all need to get out and live life as much as we can, that the amount of happiness we have has very little to do with the amount of money that we have, and that the amount of awesome per person seems to be universally pretty high.

It was a pleasure to meet all of the people that I met in the last week. I had a blast. And if you came out, I hope that you had a really good time, too. John, I'll see you on Tuesday.

Oh, and also, the Mars science laboratory is landing this weekend, and I am extremely excited about it. Click here to watch the SciShow video about the entry, descent, and landing, and join me Sunday night. I'll be live tweeting from the SciShow Twitter.