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There are literally hundreds of ways to find your passion at Kenyon. Just ask ballroom dancing's finest, John Green '00.

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Announcer: And now, "Pensive Moments" with John Green.

John: Having been through it myself, one of the most terrifying aspects of selecting a college is the inner monologue question of "Will I fit in?"

Well, spoiler alert, you're going to change in about a million ways, so a better question is, "Will this college allow me to grow?"

And in Kenyon College, there are clubs and groups that allow you to pursue the most obscure, or passionate, of interests. Are you into ballroom dancing? Well, obviously so am I! Are you a filmmaker? Who do you think is holding this boom mic? I mean, food co-ops, Ultimate Frisbee, neuroscience club, improv comedy troupes. Yes, yes, yes, and like five of them.

There are over 120 clubs on campus, giving you 120 ways to find your passion at Kenyon.

Announcer: This has been​ "Pensive Moments" with John Green.