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VidCon is going international! We're starting with Amsterdam (April) and Australia (September)! More information below.

VidCon, thus far, has been magnificent and poignant and inspiring and all of the things I hoped it would be. Thanks to all the folks who are a part of this fantastic community! SO GOOD!


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(music) Hello!

VidCon is a weird time of the year to make a video.  (grunting) I'm overwhelmed so I'm recording this a little bit early meaning I'm recording it on Tuesday. John, your video just came out, and so here I am and I'm going to do a Question Tuesday because I'm making a video on Tuesday which never happens.

Also because doing anything more complicated than a question Tuesday would destroy me. But I'm fine. I'm good.

So let's go on to Twitter: Hey, it's question Tuesday the day that I answer real questions from real nerdfighters! I got partway through and then I gave up. Opinions on gerrymandering?

That's not really a question, though you did put a question mark at the end of it. I think you should watch CGP Grey video about it. Sports with John asks, Why aren't you watching the USMNT?

Don't know what that is. Danny makes a great point that the USMNT is almost certainly the United States Mutant Ninja Turtles. Easy might be adopting two kittens tomorrow, what should she name them?

Asiago and Cheddar.  Patrick wants to know if I have any tricks for conquering insomnia. I react to stress with sleep. I'm like a, like one of those sheep that gets scared and falls over.

Or are those goats? Most of the times I have suffered from insomnia, it has been because I drank caffeine so I just don't do that. I know that seems very extreme to a lot of people but I don't have that much of a problem with it.

Favorite kind of M&M? Peanut.  If you could have a fictional person be a guest at VidCon who would it be? I like this question.

Luna Lovegood, Galadriel, Huck Finn. That's hard, that's a hard one. I'm gonna, I'm gonna have to write a fanfic.

Describe your feelings about VidCon being this week. I don't get to think a lot about it. It just happens.

I form very few memories because they go straight from one thing to the other and I never have time to think about anything. But this one's going to be particularly intense I think because we are launching, announcing three things. We are launching membership for the Internet Creators Guild. (Membership actually launches tomorrow!

Saturday.) You can go and become a member of the guild if you are a creator on the internet. The ICG is basically just a thing that promotes the interests of internet creators. We're also announcing that there will be two new VidCons, which is huge and kind of shocking that it's finally happening.

We're doing a VidCon in Melbourne, Australia and a VidCon in Amsterdam (September 2017). And also, I forgot about this because I can't tell you about it, we're announcing another thing on Saturday, which is tomorrow when this video comes out and I can't tell you about it yet (for more info on those go to: or I'm sorry about that, but we're going to announce it during the nerdfighter meet up so you have to be there, or be somewhere else slightly afterward because I'm sure people will be tweeting about it.

It's the kind of thing that you might want to pay attention to if you live near of in Boston. That's all I'm going to say. On a scale of one to ten what's your favorite color of the alphabet?

Going to have to say trurpee. How do you feel about avocados? That's an easy one, also the multi-verse is the addition to that query, it's a two parter.

Okay, well I love avocados, I also love the multiverse. If the multiverse theory is true there's a universe in which I am an avocado. What color are your socks?

It's the good color and also these colors as well and that's how we're gonna end it. Thank you so much to everybody who took my homework assignment and did it. There were so many letters that I got on Snapchat and Facebook and Tumblr and Twitter.

Things like this remind me that we are still doing things with people and not just at people and also it reminds me that we are a part of how the world creates itself and I'm very thankful to all the people who took the time to write to someone in their government about something they were passionate about. John, I would say that I would see you on Tuesday but I'm going to see you before then. So I will see you very shortly.

Good video by the way this week.