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In which Hank apologizes for talking about Harry Potter again...this is the last day...he promises.


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Good morning, John, it's Tuesday July 24th. There hasn't been very much interesting happening in my life for the last three days because almost every hour of it has been taken up either sleeping or reading Harry Potter. I didn't know when the book was gonna come in the mail. The UPS guy got there at like nine o'clock in the morning which was pretty vital. Because it was important to have as much reading time as possible that day. Katherine opened the box and then I took the book out of the box, and then there was a long silence in which I held the book tightly and Katherine looked directly into my eyes. I thought it might turn ugly. But in the end we found a solution. We decided to read it together so as to avoid that particular conflict. It may not have been the most efficient way to read Harry Potter, in fact it took a strangely long amount of time for a Harry Potter book. But we finished and it was amazing. And it was really kinda nice to be able to share that with Katherine. The whole experience of it. As sappy as that sounds. I've written a letter. Dear Nerdfighters who do not care about Harry Potter, I'm sorry. I'm going to keep talking about Harry Potter now. You know there's a solution of the problem of not caring about Harry Potter. Read Harry Potter. And then you'll be part of the club. And you won't find it annoying when I talk about Harry Potter for an entire video. Again. (image of bag) Oh my gosh, look! It's a canvas sewn Nerdfighter bag! John when the New York Times contacted you about you being one of a bunch of people that they ask a question to about Harry Potter I think that they expected a perspective of a young adult writer. So when you passed them my name, I'm not sure what they expected to get. But in any case, I am kind of contributing to the New York Times! 200 words on why I think Harry Potter is so special. And really, that's a very good question. It would have been easy for the Harry Potter books to be just, you know, another kids' book fantasy adventure. But it is not just another kids' book fantasy adventure. There's something very different going on here. This is like the biggest thing that's ever happened in publishing since, like, The Bible. I very much enjoyed attempting to answer that question. In the spirit of being a kind of sort of New York Times contributor, I would like to invite the Nerdfighters into My Pants to come and give their opinion on why they think that Harry Potter is such a gigantic phenomenon. Additionally I would like to suggest that we make this a tradition. Tuesdays are question days. Every Tuesday one of us asks a question of the Nerdfighters. Like, if you were a crayon what color would you most like to make out with? You guys can go ahead and answer that one too. John, I'm sorry that your innards are all tickly. I really wish you had bought that Mountain Dew sign. It was amazing. But I'm sure you'll be feeling better soon and I'll see you and hopefully your green hair, tomorrow.