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In which Hank dies. And then escapes from GLaDOS, and visits the turret factory with Wheatley.
Hello and welcome to Hank Green plays Portal. I just finished a test chamber, and I'm moving on to another test chamber and Wheatley has recently told me that I only have to play a few more before he will rescue me. That little globe of blue ballyness, he will save me, and I will say "Thank you, my friend, for the rescue," and we will go off and frolic with the deer and the people, and I will find myself a nice husband, and we will have babies and it'll be great.

(0:31) It does look nice. It does look nice. Everything's fixed up here. Woah. Test chamber number twenty one and twenty two, huh? (GLaDOS: And real confetti this time...Our last bag. Part of me's going to miss it) That is weird, GLaDOS. Why is there death goo over here? That seems unnecessary. 

(1:15) Boonk. Okay, I elevated myself. Good. Um, ffshh. I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing, to be honest. I feel like maybe, okay. I don't know. I don't know! I don't know. I have to get up there somehow. Right? (laughing) What is going on? Okay, okay there's a thing- Woah! Jeez, God I almost walked right into that.

(1:59) Okay, well I've accidentally done the first thing, which was to get over to this, which I didn't even ever see. Um, so I've done that. Is that gonna fall and land and stay? No.

(2:22) Faster. Oh that was not even close. That was not even close. Okay. So I have to - you're telling me I have to push this button and make an orange portal extremely quickly. Nope! Wrong button. Wrong button! Wrong freaking button. That was a blue portal; I said orange portal.

(2:54) So I need to make a- Wait, what do I need? Blue portal. Oh no, never mind, I just did the thing I needed to do. There it is, me doing the thing I need - huaaa! Haah, I thought I was going to die. (GLaDOS: Look - metal ball, I CAN hear you.) Pedal ball!

(3:19) (Wheatley: ...Run!) Okay. We're running, we're running, we're running, we're running, we're running. This way? I'm going the right way? Thirty-seven. That's thirty-seven. (Wheatley: ...we're going to shut down her turret production line...) Shut down her turret production line- Where are you Wheatley? I can't hear you.

(3:42) There you are, okay. (Wheatley: Come on! Over here! This way!) Okay, I'm coming! I'm coming! Um. Where am I going? Oh, there's a heart on the wall. Oh Jesus. Oh my God. Okay. Um. It killed me. GLaDOS killed me. There was not like a quick solution to that problem. (laughing) But I died anyway. So that was good. I like to test! What can I say?

(4:36) I don't see any way out of that. Just neurotoxin and death. She's making a heart on the wall, though. It's hard to say no to that. Oh, oh light bridge, I knew you were going to leave me! I knew it.

(4:57) Okay. Blackness. Aperture Science loading screen. That was awesome. Everyone agree? I agree. That was awesome. I got away. After - after agreeing to do the last test and failing. Forty-eight, huh? I wonder what forty-eight means. I'm just gonna go where I can go.

(5:23) Oh jeez. (Wheatley: What's going on in there? Can you get out?) Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine. Oh jeez. Oh jeez. I'm not fine, I'm not fine. Okay. I don't know what I'm doing. Okay, there's a portal-able surface here. So I feel like maybe I should be portaling somewhere. Where should I be portaling? Portaling direction. Wheatley! Call to me! There we go.

(5:55) (Wheatley: You're okay! Great! Come on!) I'm fine. I'm fine, I don't - there you are! I'm going in the right direction. Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow! Okay. So, we're escaping. Me and Wheatley. And that's what the portal chambers look like from behind. 

(6:20) This is a really, really big place. Gorgeous. Don't go that way. Okay! Okay, the wall... What is going on? That thing is getting closer to me. (Wheatley: We made it we made it we made it we made it!) Oh. I nearly didn't make it.

(6:44) That was awesome! And now this seems much less stressful. Alright. There I am. Oh wait. Hello. (laughing) Right. Right! Right then. Mm. That was my Sorting Hat voice.

(7:06) And, so yeah, we we - Well, I thought I already escaped! We're still escaping? Yeah, I know how to do this! I can - I got a portal gun, man! (Wheatley: Ah! Brilliant! You made it through! Well done.) Hi Wheatley! Hey. Right. Which way should I go? Oh man!

(7:34) (Wheatley: ...Don't move!) Yes sir!

(Wheatley: Okay. Alright. I've got an idea...) It said I have an idea. I've got an idea. Why is that dangerous? A flashlight. (Wheatley: Oh for... They told me if I ever turned this flashlight on, I would DIE. They told me that about EVERYTHING. I don't know why they even bothered to give me this stuff if they didn't want me to use it. It's pointless. Mad.) Well, you're kind of a stupid-head.

(8:00) So you're just gonna light the way for me. Lighting is awesome. Cylinders. Oh yeah, the single point lighting render. (Wheatley: It's dark down here, isn't it.) Yeah, dark and creepy. (laughing at dialog)

(8:37) Okay, there's nothing back there. (Wheatley: ...Try to jump across!) Jump across to where? There? Okay, that was easy. I have the jumping moves down. Jumping is like the only thing I'm really good at.

(9:01) Did I? I died. I died. Um. I jumped, but I did not jump soon enough, so instead, I just fell. That was me. That was my impression of a person falling. Okay, I got it that time. No problems. That's cool. Uh. I don't- hello turrets. 

(9:28) Okay. Okay, I'm just gonna do this, even though it's just gonna make this video long. (Wheatley: Oh, nicely done.) Thanks, Wheatley. I appreciate your - woah, okay, hello thing, things. Uhh. Um. I don't - I don't want to get laser beamed. If at all possible. Ah! Okay. How do I avoid getting laser beamed?

(9:55) Okay. (Wheatley: Ended up giving me the WORST possible job, tending to all the smelly humans. sorry. I wouldn't say smelly...) Well, I mean, I'm sure I stink pretty bad, since I haven't had a shower in apparently eons. 

(10:24) Where, Wheatley, what are you - ah, thank you. I didn't know what you wanted from me. Am I stuck down here? I appear to be stuck down here. (Wheatley: We've got to get you out of that room!) Okay. (Wheatley: Can you reach that wall back there?) Yeah. Totally. Thanks for lighting it up for me. That. Okay.

(10:52) (Wheatley: Ah, I tell ya. Love 'em. Just... the way they look is great!) (laughing) The way they look! I agree. Humans do look pretty good. (Wheatley: ...very colorful...) (laughing) Very colorful!

(11:07) And you're making these things so that I can die. Look at these. Somebody, somebody designed this fake thing that makes fake things so that I can watch this happen while I play a video game! That is just amazing to me.

(11:27) Anyway, thank you for watching this episode of Hank Green plays Portal 2. I am playing Portal 2 because I like to, and you are watching it because you're a weirdo! Uh, no. You're watching it because apparently I entertain you, at least in some manner. So thank you and you will not see me and I will not see you next time, when Hank plays Portal 2. Please click the annotation in the top right side of the video to continue watching. Uh, and goodbye.