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How to Vote in Washington DC! Everything you need to know from registering and voter ID laws to absentee voting and sample ballots!



Check your registration status:

Register to vote:

Vote4DC app:
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Request an absentee ballot:

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Google's simple "How to Register" system:

Hello citizens of Washington DC. If you would like to vote in the November presidential election, and I'm sure you would, first you need to be registered. You can check and see if you're already registered using the link in the description. If you still need to register, there's a link in the description where you can register online if you have a valid DC driver's license or the last 4 digits of your social security number. If you don't have either of those, you can use the same registration link, but at the end you'll need to print it out and mail it or sign it electronically and submit it by email.

There's also an app called Vote4DC that's available for iOS and Android that you can use to register if you have a DC driver's license, but you can also use it to request an absentee ballot, look up your polling place, and view a sample ballot, which is a really nice tool to have. Download links are in the description.

If you're registering online or by mail, you've gotta do it by October 8th to vote in the November election. If you miss that deadline though, don't panic. You can register in person at the DC board of elections office or at a DMV all the way up until the election, or at your polling place on election day. So once you're registered, you get to vote.

Probably the easiest way to vote it is to vote absentee by mail. If you want the convenience of voting without ever having to leave your house, you should request an absentee ballot either by filling out the form in the link below or through the Vote4DC app by November 1st. Then, you just wait for your ballot to show up in the mail, fill it out, and send it back by November 8th.

You can also vote early in person from October 29th through November 5th. Early voting centers are all open from 8:30 am to 7 pm every day, and there's a link to where you can find an early voting center near you below.

If you really want the experience of voting on election day, though, you can find out where you need to go to vote either with the Vote4DC app or by using the link in the description. Polls are open from 7 am to 8 pm. You may be asked to show an ID, especially if this is your first time voting in DC, so bring some kind of photo ID, or a recent utility bill, bank statement, or paycheck with your name and address on it.

If you want to see everything that's gonna be on the ballot ahead of time, and you probably do, you can look on the app or at the link below to see a sample ballot. You don't have to vote for every item on the ballot if you don't want to, but this gives you the chance to research candidates and issues in your local elections ahead of time so that you're not surprised when you get to the voting booth. You can even print your sample ballot, fill it out, and bring it with you to the polls so you can remember how you want to vote. All the links you need to check your registration, sign up for early voting, and find your polling location will be in the description. Thank you for voting.