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Brittani Louise Taylor
Jordan Maron AKA CaptainSparklez
Harley from Epic Meal Time
Justine Ezarik
Jack and Finn Harries
Joe Penna
Felix AKA PewDiePie
Shane Dawson
Timothy DeLaGhetto
Hank Green

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Try to watch this without laughing or grinning

If you watch this 100 times you'll still laugh!


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YouTubers React #11 - Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning
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Harley: Yawns are pretty contagious too. Yawns through the phone, isn't that crazy. Someone yawns on the phone, and you get it? You yawn? When I was in high school, what I used to do is this. I used to go like this - be like /stretches, yawns/ and then I would stop and I would look around, and then if there was any girls yawning, that meant that they were watching me. And I would like get a heads up you know? So I would fake and I'd be like /stretches, yawns/ - Oh. And now I know.

FineBros: Like if you're not the one participating and you're the friend that's showing them, why is it fun to watch people trying not to laugh?

Twin 2 (Jack & Finn): Oh it's awesome to have that control, like - 

Twin 1: Yeah, yeah yeah yeah - 

Twin 2: - I'm gonna make you laugh by showing this - 

Twin 1: - that power of control, right? Like you're making them do something they're trying so hard not to do. How many things could I force you to do without touching you? If I sat here and wanted you to do a certain thing, like, nothing - unless I yawn, you might yawn. Or if I make you laugh - if I show you something funny you might life.

FineBros: So you both love to have power over others?

Twin 1: Power, mwah ha ha ha.

Twin 2: /laughs/

Twin 1: Yeah, like that.

FineBros: So what did you think of the video with the goat and the ladder?

Harley: I'd seen that, I don't remember sitting through that much of it though. I think I like, I was like, "Oh it's a guy on drugs, I've seen this before."

Brittani: I think it was like his accent, his laugh that was funny, it's not even the goat. It's like him like laughing about the goat.

Shane: This is a whole video game culture thing I just don't get. I never played a video game like that. I don't understand it, I don't know why there was a goat, I don't know why he was laughing, I don't know why he was talking to himself, I don't know why he was videotaping himself playing - I don't get it. Ask Toby Turner.

FineBros: Can you imitate one of the laughs you heard in the laughter chain video?

Brittani: /makes laughing sounds/

Felix: /makes laughing sounds/

Joe: /makes laughing sounds, coughs/ I can't.

Hank: I also really liked the silent woman. I was just like, "Wow, what are you like in bed."

FineBros: Why listen to people laugh - why does it make people laugh?

Shane: I mean I guess the answer would be that laughing is infectious, but I guess it's not to me. Crying. That's infectious.

Hank: 'Cus we're people. We're social animals. We empathize, uh, subconsciously, like we don't have to think about that.

Adande: My friends and I, it was bad when we were in school because one person out of no where would just go /makes laughing sounds/ in class and then for the next fifty minutes we don't hear a thing the teacher is saying 'cus we're just like /makes laughing sounds/ holding our noses, turning red, just sitting there doing this in class.

FineBros: Why is this idea of "I bet you can't watch this without laughing" become a popular challenge?

Joe: I don't know, I think if you prime someone to not watch it without laughing, then you're even more likely to laugh about it.

Twin 1: If you'd shown it to me when this is, like, the funniest thing you've ever seen, I probably wouldn't laugh. Like it's the fact that you're saying, "I bet you can't not laugh," like you're challenging - 

Twin 2: - you're thinking about it - 

Twin 1: - yeah, you can't not do it. Again, it's human nature. Like, you're messing with our minds, guys, and I don't like it.

Jordan: I'm sure that your parents told you when you were kids when you're really - you're frowny, you didn't get your ice cream, your ice cream spilled on the ground and they're like, "Don't smile, don't you smile," you couldn't resist, you would smile.

Adande: You guys wanna do something really cool? Fill your mouth up with water and then try not to laugh in a room full of people. Try that. That's what we used to do, and it was so much fun.

FineBros: Why do we laugh, anyway?

Timothy: You just need a way to express how you're feeling. You see somebody fall down and it's like your body doesn't know what to do but just start like, uh, spewing out random noises from your wind hole.

Joe: It'd be weird to be an alien and come down and like be trying to decipher people and be like, "Blah blah /makes laughing sounds/, blah blah /makes laughing sounds/." It's like what are those noises, those short bursts of noises? What could they possibly be saying in there?

FineBros: Let's do it again. Let's see if you can make it through.

Please don't do that to me. /laughs/ 

Brittani: I'm not gonna laugh.

Shane: Wait that whole thing again? No, why?! No!!!

(Video #1 starts)

Timothy: Storm trooper easy. We got this.

Brittani: Not the thrusting, but just - /chuckles/

FineBros: /laughs/

Shane: /laughs/ He's doing this, stop it please.

(Video #3 starts)
(Video #3: What is that?)  

Joe: I don't know.

(Video #3: Aww let me see your face!)

Joe: No, no.

(Video #3: /laughter/)

Twin 1 & 2: /laughs/ 

Twin 1: God!

Felix: It's so cute. /chuckles/ Aw come on, I was just laughing at that. /laughs/

(Video #3: I can't believe it.)

Hank: I can't believe it! /chuckles/

(Video #3: /laughter/)

Adande: I think - I've got to laugh. Or smile. You said smiling or laughing. Who is this guy?

(Video #3: /laughter/)

Joe: /laughs/ The goat, it's the ladder goat /laughs/. I can't make it through the ladder goat.

(Video #4 starts)

Harley: Okay, this one. This is tricky.

Timothy: It's - it's the noise!

Justine: NOOO, this is such a long clip! /laughs/ OH!! NOOOOO!!!
I did much better, right?

FineBros: Two for two?

Jordan: I'm one to take a challenge, what can I say.