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In which the attempt to repossess the motorcycle doesn't go so well.
John: Oh, are you coming with me? Yay! You seemed so friendly. So I don't really... Oh wow! Cool move Green! I don't really have any, I don't really, I don't have any, any strong connection because I think my boss is a dirty liar. I actually like Lamar. Probably think Lamar is ultimately more a person who has my back than my boss who I trust zero percent and I think my boss just wants to make me... Don't you get the feeling, Meredith, that the boss just wants to exploit me for my labor? And doesn't really care about me, it's more about what I can do for my boss.

Now we're finding ourselves in a world, in which, by looking out for only ourselves that most talented people aren't rising to the top as was predicted by The Fountainhead. So, I'm starting to think that this is sort of like an anti-Fountainhead, which makes me love this game despite it's clear weaknesses! Politically, socially, etc. By the way, I've decided that honoring, honoring the, the, um, traffic lights in Los Santos is functionally impossible since as far as I can tell, the light is always red.

So, I'm gonna spend this game trying to learn... Oh gosh! trying to learn to love better. Okay, here we go. Here we go. Hi! It's me! I'm...

Lamar: The bike should've been in one of the lockers down here.

John: It should be, but I should learn how to get out of my car. Okay. I've learned how to get out of my car, Lamar. So, how do you like them apples? Oh! Oh! We're gonna climb!? I'm an expert at climbing! Yay! Yay! Oh, Lamar, did you see my climbing? Lamar!? Lamar!? Lamar!? Lamar!? Did you see me climb? I did such a good job of climbing the fence. See, he doesn't care about me and my accomplishments.

Woah! That seemed unnecessary. OK. Another reason I don't really trust Lamar is that he hits people seemingly pretty randomly. 'Scuse me, do you have a repossessed car? Oh God! Oh God! I've been killed!

Alright. So now I am going to attempt to acquire a repossessed motorcycle as part of my job. Search the garages. OK, that seems... I mean, Meredith, this is something I would do in real life, you know, like... Now how do you search a garage? Oh.

Lamar: Come on man, let's get it before these fools get back.

John: OK. Well don't worry, I'm sure I'll fail this mission and have a chance to... Is it this one? No, that's a nice couch though.

Lamar: My powers of deduction is telling me it's right there.

John: He was pretty funny, he just said "The powers of deduction is telling me it's right there."

Lamar: Man, ain't this 'bout a bitch? Ain't no * bike in here.

John: We seem to have been cornered!

Lamar: Hola, ese.
Gang member: Oh, we just saw you trying to creep up in here.

John: Hi!

Lamar: Yeah? You saw this, ?

John: Oh oh! Oh oh! Oh oh! Oh gosh! Oh boy! Why did you do that, Lamar!?

Franklin: Hey, , I would have just gotten my ass beat over a * gun fight.

John: Lamar! Pick up a weapon! Must I!? Alright. OK. Ow! Guys, stop it! Jeez Louise! Alright, I guess I have to shoot back because...

Lamar: Get that car, homie. Shoot the gas.

John: Yeah, I... Can I just stay here do you think, Meredith? Oh, it's me and Lamar, we're... Ow! Gosh! It's really annoying! Ah! Dang it! Meredith, I died. I'm so, I'm really bad at shooting. So, I mean, first off, my rule here is gonna be pretty simple, I think, which is that once I've been shot, you know, there's obviously, that changes the way that you respond, you know.

Lamar: Fool, I ain't making no friends out here, homie. You'll get PC'd up in the...

John: Oh, ow. How do I aim better? Oh! I just got shot in the back! Hold on, I have to reload. Dang it, I've been shot in the front now, Meredith. I aim with LT. But that's what I keep trying to do. Poor Franklin, he keeps dying. It's hard out there when, when, yeah, you have to wait to be shot because of, for moral reasons.

Oh! Oh! Ah! Meredith, I killed my first person! I feel terrible! Oh God. We need to, yes. We have to spend some time thinking this through. That was awful, but I mean he shot at me. I'm trying. I've forgotten how to do cover. Oh there we go. Alright. Woah, I'm really quite good at this actually. Yeah, I mean, Meredith, I am unfortunately an amazingly talented murderer. 

Ow! I'm sorry, I went the... Ah! Turn around! Franklin! Toward the shoots! No! Franklin! Oh, Franklin, I think we almost... You're feeling, you seem a little (Beep). Is there anyway we can go into the porta-potty and just take a break? Oh.

Franklin: We ain't got beef with you.

John: We don... Ah! We have some beef because, just because of the killing, just because you shot me so many times. Can somebody, somebody do the shooting... Lamar, I don't want to be accusatory but I feel like you're not pulling your weight here.

Ah! There's, like, a million of them! This is gonna take forever! Ah. Meredith, I have terrible news. Franklin is, is, is deceased. Skip! I love skipping the mission. Oh thank God it's over.