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from this episode where we cooked a pony:
Hannah Hart (jumping): What about this idea? What about this idea? What about I hold the camera and Grace and Hank cook, and I'll be the director.

Grace Helbig: Why would that be an idea?

Hank Green and Hannah: laughs

Hannah: Welcome to My Drunk Kitchen! Hey there, mister!

Hank: Yes dear?

Hannah: Do you like to cook?

Hank: What would you like to cook?

Hannah: Corn dogs!


Hannah: For those of you who don't know, why do you like corn dogs so much? You love corn dogs.

Hank: I don't know why. I think it's genetic. I was born this way, baby.

Hannah: That's beautiful. That's beautiful. As long as you accept it about yourself first. Thank you. Thank you Hank.

Hank: yeah

Hannah: I'm glad we've [interrupted]

Hank: You've gotta live with the skin you're in.

Hannah: Mhmm... and sometimes that skin is covered in delicious corn-based powder, and deep-fried.

Hank: laughs

Hannah: nomnomnomnomnomnom

Hannah: Grace's dramatic boob zoom-in

Grace: guys, okay

[Hannah whispers something about "his face"]

Grace:80% of this "My Drunk Kitchen" is going to be
crash zooms, just so you know.

Hank and Grace: laughs

Hannah: laughs, chokes on drink

Hank: I like, I like how Mamrie's show is about puns and drinks, and she's making puns and drinks; whereas Hannah's show is about making food, and she's just terrible.


Hannah: and you inspire a nation of children to feel good about themselves.

[more laughing]

Yeah, I just cracked up so hard at the crash zoom.

Grace: And I crash zoomed on you cracking up, choking.

Hannah: Heat the oven to 375, I decided.

Hank: We didn't start by doing that.

Hannah: No, so we are going to do it right now. Sometimes, Hank! [interrupted]

Hank: Tip for the viewers at home: you can start preheating before you mix stuff together.

Hannah: If you're watching this to learn how to cook, Imma tell ya, you're doing something wrong, okay? M'kay? M'kay?

Um, now we're gonna take - so I realize now this moment, exactly, that I actually didn't buy any popsicle sticks. Um...

Hank: Not necessary

Hannah: No

Hank: Hand-held

Hannah: Hand-held! So I was actually thinking that [interrupted]

Hank: It's hand-held, [points to the camera] this episode of...

Hannah: hae?-type sound

Hank: ...your show I forgot the name of?

[Grace laughs at Hannah's shock]
Hank: "My Drunk Kitchen"!

Grace: My drunk Hanken!

Hank: sha-aaw, I almost said "You Deserve a Drink" because she's right there. [Hank points to Mamrie Hart (no relation) who is panned to]

Grace: laughs

Hannah: Oh guys, hey come here.

Mamrie: Did you find your sticks?

Hannah: Can you just come here, real quick and just, uh, okay, cool, so...

Mamrie: Hello.

Hannah: There you go.

Hank: You're--

Mamrie: This feels right.  

Hank: You're at a much better height--like, better with the height (?~2:24)

Mamrie: Oh, Hannah...

Hank: You're bet-you've got, look at this tiny little bit in and then you gave up.  You're like, 'aah, this isn't working'.  Do you wanna add some ham?  Do you have ham?  

Hannah: I thought it looked--I thought it needed some room of its own.

Hank: Yeah.

Hannah: A room of one's own.

Hank: That one, it's independent.  

Hannah: It's just getting--it's a trend-setter.  And all of the others are gonna follow suit.  Be like, I'm jumping right in!  Nerdfighters!  Chuk-chuk-chuk-pewww-peww-peww-peww.

Hank: That was good.  Actually, you sang the nerdfighter song in the correct--

Hannah: Nerdfighters!

Hank: Yeah!  I don't know how you did that correctly.  

Hannah: I've done my research!  I done my research!  Done did!  
Hank: That's good.  I mean, that's old.  That's an old theme.

Hannah:  While you spent all that time watching You Deserve a Drink, I caught up on the latest and greatest in Vlogbrothers.

Hank: I watch My Drunk Kitchen!

Hannah: Um.

Hank: Do you guys know that the actual technical definition (?~3:15)

Hannah: --press release, released by the pros, like, the people that actually invented it, um, they called it .gif like jiffy, 'cause jiffy programs choose .gif.  

Hank: Wow.  Wow.  

Hannah: Pew pew pew pew!  

Hank:  You just blew my nuts off.  I can't--I got nothing to add.  

Hannah: He's got nothing to add.  Whoaaaa!

Mamrie: One more.  Oh my God.  

Hannah: We'll get this done in a jiffy.

Hank: Haaah.  Haaaah.

Hannah: He looks like a--this looks a little bit like--it does look like someone pooping!  

Hank: (?~3:51

Hannah: Science!  What's it taste like?  

Hank: It tastes...not like a corn dog.

Hannah: Nope.  Not in the least.  But kinda like a muffin dog.

Hank: Yeah, I think the problem is that you've got like, the nice fancy cornmeal and batter, you should have gotten the cheap stuff.

Hannah: I know.  But you know what this makes me want, though?  Makes me really want a corn dog.