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In which Hank makes some new allies.

Hank: Last time on hank Green played Assassin's Creed Revelations we were headed to Arcadius to talk to the Romanies. We don't know anything about the Romanies but whatever. Er, I don't know if while I'm walking around in this rat strewn tunnels if I get some infinite grid action- it turns out I do! Infinite Grid! Infinite grid!

Umm, so last time I explored the system I found the first of Ezio's keys which apparently look like hard drive platters or CD-ROMs that glow and it's great news and there's a frickin' herald and he's lying about me. So, I'm going to bribe him. Here have a sack of money. You'll feel much better about Assassins then won't you? Oh, yeah. Ow! He shot me. Ah! I don't like it when they shoot me guys. Alright, everything is better. Apparently I got away.

Umm, is that an assassain's den? Did you just call me a bad word? Yeah, that's all, none of that was my fault guys. Like, I was just hanging out on a roof top. For all you knew that was my roof and you had to go and kill me a lot. That was all your fault. Don't worry. Apparently people here are on high alert. Wait? How did I go past it? I went past it. Is that water? Can I jump into that? Okay. Nope I can't. That was not deep enough. Guys? Guys, that was not deep enough water. I thought that would be a pool and I thought that I could dive into it but I died in the pink and blue fail. I'm embarrassed. Oh, don't get me wrong.

How far away am I now? How much have inconvenienced myself with that? Oh, no! I almost did it again, man. Romanies. See now we're going to find out what Romanies are. Romanies live apparently as prostitutes. Oh, they're not. Sorry. Sorry guys! Sorry anyone who is any of these things ancestrally. Semi-nomadic stateless people who are found all over the Middle East and much of Europe. Originally hailing from southern Asia, in and around present day Afghanistan, northern India, fiercely independent culture with a reputation for refusing to assimilate to their host nations but despite centuries of frosty relationships with their neighbors the Romanies have endured sometimes at the expense of others often in spite of great hardship have retained a rich and varied culture of their own. The confused term gypsy derives from the mistaken impression that Romanies originated from Egypt in northern Africa.

Fascinating! Fascinating, did not know that. That is some new information and we're going to talk to some travelers now. I can get it back. I bet I can get it back. Yeah man! Okay, so you want me to poison them. Umm, I'm pretty sure that's not going to work. Poison all of your targets whilst blending with the Romanies. It's okay. I'm going to have to check my poison dart store. I'm not sure if I have very many. Poison darts. I have five. So let's just- nope that's not what I wanted to do. Umm, so I'm meeting the Romanies somewhere. Right over here, not very far away. I do not want mercenaries for this.

Entering a Templar den? How far away is this? We'll have to go around the Templar den or through. Okay, it's pretty far. It's probably not actually in the Templar den. Yup, this is not how I'm going to get a full sync kill. That is not the path to full sync right there. So we go around the Templar den as boring as that is. He moves like a lion. Well that is a very nice thing for you to say Mrs. Courtesan. That is not what I meant to do. I don't know why you're going to the side like that. Oh, jeez. Oh, jeez. Embarrassing. Weee! Oh, not what I meant. Oh! Okay. I don't want to identify the Templar den Captain. That's not what I'm doing right now. Actually, warning you're exiting a Templar den, but whatever I'm cool. I targeted on that guy. I really don't like that sometimes. Sometimes it's very useful but sometimes I forget I've done it and it’s not useful.

Alright. Alright, are we going to walk together? We are. We're going to walk together. Hey? Did you guys just push me out of your group? Because I just hired you. You did. You shoved me. Unacceptable ladies. What happened? Dude, blend. I'm not sure which people I'm supposed to be killing. Any particular people? Is it just all the people? Was those one of the people I should be killing. There's a lot of them. Aha! Nope. Not even close. Remain undetected. Excuse me. Pardon me. Remaining undetected here. Sometimes I do want to get full sync. Sometimes I have that goal. So everyone who touches the gold has to die. Yeah, everybody. Everybody who touches the gold dies. Oh, he's gone crazy everybody. He's got sword Tourette's! I would not have picked up that chest of gold if I were you, man. Just saying. I think that there's a curse on it. I think that there is a Romany curse on that chest. So they told me why they were mistakenly called gypsies but they didn't say why they were called Romanies.

Yup, you life is not good. Don't mind if I do. Optional objective complete poison all of your targets while blending with the Romanies. Nice. Ha! I didn't know that was an old trick. That was new for me. Am I keeping this? Okay. Well how about you carry the chest and I kill people. I did. I read that just moments ago. I find it funny that those people didn't exist five seconds ago. I like how they're so freaking out. Everyone's like, "Oh God, not the chest!" Ah! I guess I've got carry this thing around for the rest of the game man. It's going to be sweet. Everybody, I've brought you your chest! I have befriended the Romanies. Oh yeah! Ezio. What do you mean Ezio? Come on. Do you only like Italian girls.

Thank you for watching this episode of Hank Green plays Assassin's Creed. I'm going to get inside this hay bale and I'll see you next time. You will not see me and I will not see you but you will hear me next time. Good bye.