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This collection of scenes from the Arandavision™ cutting-room floor features exciting footage from around the country, including the tense, edge-of-your-seat moment in which our heroes struggle to determine whose taco is whose.

This video features:

Stefan Chin:

Hank Green:

Charlie McDonnell:
(Arandavision Intro)

Michael Aranda: Alright, what did you get, Stefan?

Stefan Chin: I got a lot food.

Michael: What did you get, Drew?

Drew: I got--I got--uh--

Michael: Tell me what you got!

Drew: I got bean burritos.

Stefan: Let me turn the blower off.  I have hot taco sauce.  Put that on there.

Michael: Drew, what do you have?

Drew; I have--

Stefan: Here is a juice box!

(?~0:20): I got a juice box!

Stefan: This is the kids meal. 

Drew: Whose is this?

(?~0:22): Yes. 

Drew: Is that the soft taco?

Michael: I don't know who's getting--

Stefan: Here's the sides.


Stefan: Don't throw them at me!  Volcano taco.

Michael: Where's my food? 

Stefan: I don't--it's--not in this bag.