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2:51 - IBS, hereditary? My mother,grandmother and myself all have it at varying degrees, mum is worst diarrhea after eating anything

4:42 - I left some food in my fridge too long and it got moldy. My mom says bleach it for 15 minutes then put it in the dishwasher. Is that okay or should I do something different?

6:22 - What are your thoughts on Trump's letter of health from his doctor?

7:22 - What are your thoughts on the latest Dr. Ioannidis (Standford University) paper stating the exaggeration of many statements or the impossiblity of repeating the experiments of many of them?

9:00 - What's your spaghetti policy?

9:50 - As a pediatrician and a parent, do you have any suggestions for soon-to-be parents about what to ask perspective docs during a pre-birth "interview"?

13:43 - On the exercise recommendations of 30 mim/day or 150 min a week, are there benefits/consequences to getting the 150 min/week in on one day rather then spreading it out over 5-7 days?

14:47 - Do you have any response to this "Marketing with Doctors" aired on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver?

18:02 - Is there an order of flossing and brushing teeth that is demonstrably better? That is, if I floss before brushing, am I likely to have better outcomes than if I brush before flossing? I've had one dentist tell me to do it one way and another tell me to do it the opposite way. What, if anything, does the research say?

19:13 - In the world of pediatric medicine autism seems to be always on the front page are there any other recent studies or discoveries in children's medicine that you are excited about?


22:44 - Could you discuss your thoughts about lightsaber wounds (if they were real)? Like how would you treat a cauterized wound?

24:45 - Is aloe vera effective for burn/sunburn relief or faster healing?

26:05 - Should I worry a lot about what laundry soap I use for baby clothing? And/or about using dryer sheets or not?

26:40 - Any evidence to support linking hot beverages to esophageal cancer?

27:31- The new trend is now vaping, which has even become a substitute for smoking tobacco. Has there been many or any studies on this new product about how or if it affects someone's health and is it safe?
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